Monday, September 7, 2009

Nearly home...

So here I am in Ios, Greece. It's my last couple of nights of my holiday/adventure. And what a time it has been.


My last few days with Mary & Tony were lovely. They are such great people & I really cannot wait to see them again. They did so much for me & treated me like family. And I love their home. When I arrived not too much had changed except that they had the addition of 4 hens. Funny little things too, they followed you around the yard whenever you were outdoors. But it was a short visit because I was in a bit of a rush to get back to Greece, the sun, and a particular man.


In Greece I have spent some time in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Andros, Tinos & Ios. Every place has been a little different, but each place has had it's own amazing bits. Ios is by far the most touristy & the least Greek-ish. It's almost all Aussie's & English here. Andros was a lot smaller, not touristy, some people didn't even speak English. Which made it that much nicer to be with Spyros & Gerry. Two great Aussie blokes I met on Contiki. They have Greek heritage & speak the language. Gerry is a good pal, Spyros is a man with a big piece of my heart. And I had a beautiful time here in Greece with because of how amazing he is.


And now it's ending. Spyros has already gone home to deal with work things, and saying 'see you later' was a very difficult thing to do. Gerry is still kicking it here with Amanda and I (Amanda is another Contiki pal that met up with us half way thru my stay in Greece), and on the 10th we all part ways.


I need to get to work when I get home, but have loved this trip & everything I have learned & experienced on it. So glad I came. But the travel bug has bitten hard again. ;) So we will see what happens next!


look forward to seeing everyone as I will be back in Canada in just a few days...