Monday, December 17, 2012

Walls can be beautiful things...

Since last I wrote a few things have been going on! Mostly it's been working on the Granny Flat, but there have been other milestone's. Things like sending off packages to Canada, there are more to go but I sent off a couple! I have done a great deal of my Christmas shopping, there's not much left. Which is nice since we don't have much time for shopping!! Also, we went to a dance recital - Spyros's neice is 5 and is in jazz and tap. It was three hours of random people dancing, but she was in three dances, it was pretty cute! One of the songs was "Ballroom Blitz", it was excellent, a lot of jumping around. She also won her first trophy so it was a pretty big day!!

Aside from regular work, a few days that were pretty hot and humid and difficult to want to DO anything in, there was progress on the Granny Flat!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Losing a friend...

Yesterday I found out at the end of my day that Karrie, KnitPurlGurl had passed away suddenly on Monday. I felt the blow physically, though I have never met Karrie, in person, she was the first knitting blogger/podcaster that I started following. Through her podcast I discovered many others, and Plurk and began to really feel like a part of the knitting community at large. For me this was very important, as I do not have a lot of friends who knit, crochet or spin, and the few that are interested in fibre arts do not live near me. It was amazing to be able to chat with and learn from these women (and men) who loved fibre as much (and more) than I do.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is it mid-November already?!

Hello again!

So what happened after my 30th birthday??? Nothing! Life goes on. Halloween happened, which is supremely anti-climactic here in a country where it's not quite so celebrated. A few kiddies will get out & visit those that they know well. There's no trips to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins (in fact its rather difficult to find an orange pumpkin here, and they refer to all squash as pumpkin), getting dressed up, trick or treating. However, we had some squash last night, so I toasted the seeds & it was delish!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Someone was spoiled...

Hello everyone!! mister & I took a little trip to Melbourne! A little "get away from it all" time, after not having seen one another for 2.5 months I think we deserved it! So we got a hotel room, and we spent the few days we were there, wandering around. Spyros had never been before, and I had been with my girl Jenny ages (2001) ago!! So it was a bit different than I remembered,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something, and a couple of someone's that I believe in...

We went to Melbourne!! More about that later - right now I just wanted to share this:

Last year, about this time, my sister & I went to a "Learn to Spin" class put on my Fibre Arts Bootcamp (FAB) for our birthday gifts to one another. That day I met a couple of lifelong friends & learned to love fibre in a whole new way!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like....SUMMER!

Not a lot to say since last I wrote as I have been working a lot, and when not working we have been working our tails off in the yard & garage. Work to make a "granny flat" (in-law suite) in the garage space. There has been some things in the yard getting dug out & sorted into recycling & garbage piles, and sorting through the stuff in the garage for the same reasons. A full week of that got us a bit further ahead,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi!

So - I have arrived. In fact, I arrived on Sept. 13th, right on time. After 3 flights, all of which were fairly pleasant, uneventful & I had great seatmates!

I arrived at around 7:30am and Spyros & his brother came to meet me. Went went back to the house to drop off my things & the brother and see the family. We headed out to the job site to see how it was going. I was pretty shocked to see it in person!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the nick of time...

Time flies. It seemed like forever until I was going to be leaving for Australia, and now it seems it's coming too fast for all of the things I want to get done & all of the people I want to see before I leave! I know 2 years is a blip on the radar of life, and I know it will go quickly, but it also seems a long time when packing up to head off for it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

August is flying by!

Work work work, all day long!

I worked a lot again...probably up until Tuesday - that will be my last day. Then a few days for packing & visiting & then I will be headed for White Lake to visit with my family for a couple of weeks before I head to Australia!

This past week has been gorgeous, more lake weather than painting though!! The paint is drying on the brush & we are just dripping with sweat & red faced. Yep - sexy!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Overtired & overjoyed

Sooooooooo...following a wonderful weekend on Vancouver Island where I got very little sleep, I proceeded to have a very busy week with very little sleep because the guy I am working for was away & I was kinda organizing things for him while he was away. With painting this means figuring out who is where & what they will be doing, also going to & fro to his place to get specific tools, ladders, and cleaning dirty gear each night. I was so looking forward to a mellow weekend, maybe a night at the Drive-In, and I was going to paint my friend's bedroom for her while she was away as a bday gift.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time flies....

Two weeks?! How does this keep happening to me?! I always mean to write, and then I don't. Too much going on all the time. Still working a lot. For the last month I have been working pretty much 6 days a week, 8+ hours a day, and on Sundays I clean the house & do laundry so that I have work clothes for the week ahead! On top of the I have friends to squeeze in when I can, dinner to make & clean up, a body to wash & a man to Skype with in Australia.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Too much vitamin D!

Last Sunday I did not work. This is no surprise, I don't generally work on Sundays - however on this particular Sunday my friend called me to say he was going to go for a hike & invited me along. Now I have been longing to go for a hike or a canoe in this gorgeous weather & so I jumped at the chance! I hurriedly finished up my breakfast & got my camelback ready. We headed up Golden Ears; it is a hike I have never done, and I definitely want to do again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A month later?!?!

Hi there...June got to be a crazy month apparently! Here is a prime example of how time gets away on me. I am always saying "the other day" when really it turns out that I meant up to 6 months ago! Oi! I thought it had only been a couple of weeks since I wrote, but it looks like it's been a month!

June was mostly just working & getting ready for Spyros to leave. He had his ticket booked for the 27th. We went up to my parents about a week before he was due to leave. Got to spend some time with them & say goodbye. We had big plans, all outdoor - and none of them happened. It was rainy & terrible & flooding all around us. We were meant to go White Water Rafting, but it was canceled because it was too dangerous. One poor soul did end up losing his life to the river that weekend. The river has been so crazy, fast & full because of all the rain. 

Instead we just played Risk, I knit, we ate, we watched movies...just hanging out. 

Spyros left. I took him to the airport. We got him checked in & spent the rest of our time holding hands & waiting until he had to go through the gates. It was sad. It had been seeming much bigger & more intense as we were packing up all of his clothing & toiletries. It's like he was never here, the closets are empty. Very strange feeling. 

He had a good couple of flights, we chatted on the phone & we have been Skyping quite a bit since then. The time difference doesn't make it the easiest. However, we are used to being together almost 24/7 so it would be harder not to talk!

My friend was here when I got back, I was invited up to dinner & then my friend came down to the suite to learn to drop spindle...she's hooked!!

I have been working a lot since Spyros left. About 6 days a week! I am tired, but it keeps me out and about...not so lonely.

I am working on my Grandma's Shawl which is the Adaptation Shawl by Kirsten Hipsky using my 100% wool yarn I purchased on eBay. On my 4.5mm Knit Picks Interchangeables.

I am also working on my Broke Rack Shawl which is the Yvaine by Liz Abinante using my Rabbitworks Fibre Studio, Fingering Weight 100% Superwash on 5mm Knit Picks Interchangeables.

I did receive the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight from the Knitabulls giveaway!!! It's lovely.

I have been spindling like crazy on my Spinatude spindle for the Tour de Fleece! I am spinning up my Smith & Ewe 100% BFL. It's going pretty great! Slowly...but so thin & I am still not sure whether I am going to be making it 3ply Navajo or just a 2ply!


The trip to my parents was good. Awesome weather on the drive up & back, also we drove a rental car & that was nice to be in new wheels even though I hated the car itself. 
I emailed our Case Worker to update Spyros contact information. I received an auto reply email that my case worker was on holiday. So I forwarded the information to the person who was meant to be filling in & now I wait yet again! Aw geez...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grey days and sad news...

I know, I know, it's been a couple of weeks! I wanted to have some stuff to talk about & show you!!

Two weekends ago we had company...a good friend from Fort St. John came to visit, but she got a bit of a crummy visit as I had my 5K, and another friend had just purchased a new home & it was the weekend they were moving in. Of course I had promised to help!

Friday night when she arrived we visited the Richmond Night Market for some tasty food & to see what the offerings were. Ended up with some nail art stickers, and that was about it!

At the Night Market (best we could do, no flash on my phone!)

Saturday we had breakfast out, did some running around in preparation for the 5K, and got in some crafting & visiting time. I knit, she cross stitched. 
Sunday was the Run for Water & then moving, then dinner, then she went home!
After the 5K - our time was 36:36...not terrible for a first time!
Wednesday we didn't work, so I went over to my friend's house to help with the unpacking & getting organized. It was fun, I like organizing & making a house a home! It was a fun girlfriend day!
Last weekend we worked Saturday and on the way home our van overheated and started spewing coolant out as soon as we parked it. So we let it cool down. Topped it up with water, and then we drove it home. Had some help trying to figure it out. We have known that it has issues and a coolant leak before, but it's never done this, so obviously the leak has gotten worse! We figured we only needed it to last us another month or so, we added some weird stuff that is meant to block any holes. After that we realized one belt was shot. Replaced it. Topped up coolant & haven't had the same bizarro issue since!
It pretty much killed our weekend because all of the things we did to it were over 3 days and we were worried to drive it too much before we did them.
Fun things?! I won some yarn on a podcast!!! Knitabulls I was SO excited. I haven't gotten it yet though, and it was over a week ago that I found out I won. I am excited, first win on a podcast give-away & it will make a cute baby something I think! I was hoping to be able to show it, but that's not happening.
Worked all week, went to the movies last night with friends. Snow White & the Huntsman. I liked the movie, quite a lot. I don't know that I liked the liberties that they took with the movie. I like adaptations, and I like when stories are told from a different POV. However, this was a bunch of stuff that was not in the story, was not following the storyline, etc. Also, I felt Kristen Stewart's character was almost identical to Bella in the Twilight series. Very similar reactions & behaviours, I have seen her in other roles and liked her, so was a bit annoyed this was so similar. I enjoyed the movie though!

Today we worked, but on a friend's parents place, repainting some rooms. Tomorrow my cousin and his lovely lady are coming for dinner!
I finished all of the washcloths & took a photo (there are 2 missing from the photo as they had already been delivered to recipients!)
I finished up the SWAP fibre and navajo plied it - here is what I got!

1oz, 48 metres, navajo plied, DK/Sport weight (144 metres in singles)
I made two stuffed animals for my niece & nephew! My first creatures...they are cute!
Tuck the Turtle
Ella the Elephant
I have started working on some booties for a friend and the baby-to-be. Once those are done I will be getting back to my regularly scheduled programing of Stash-Busting!

I got my drop spindle from Spinatude and its beeeeeautiful I am going to be spinning up some 100% BFL from Smith and Ewe but I haven't started yet...
Spindle with the roving
So incredible Steam Punk inspired spindle!!!
So lazy, have not run since the 5k! I did pilates once. I need to get back to it!!!
Ok, I called Immigration. News?! Still looking, not going to reach the stage where they know if I am approved or not anytime soon. Spyros has to leave by July 7th, and it looks like I am going to be here through July at least. It sucks. It was be SO weird to be apart, we are literally together 24/7. We live & love together, we work together, the only time we are apart is if I am having a "girl night". I am going to miss him. I am going to talk to myself a lot. He thinks it might be good that he is able to get all of his paperwork & things in order before I get there. Still frustrating though!

So the only traveling on my horizon is a trip to my parents, so they are able to say goodbye to Spyros, and to & from work!!! I would love to get up north and see my friends & family up there, and I would love to get to the Island to see my friend's place there. I just don't think it's going to happen. July sure snuck up on us!

Have I mentioned lately how frustrating dealing with government can be?????????

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So much crafty time!

Hello again!

Last week was a lot of working. We did not do the long weekend thing, we worked Friday & we worked a half day yesterday.
I slacked off a lot with the exercise. Ran Monday and then did nothing until Sunday when we did another hike. A smaller hike, but a hike, with a couple of friends. This time the hike was in the rain...but it was still fun, no hot sun, but it was muggy.

My mum had a birthday! However, she & my dad went to Montana to watch my nephew graduate, so we were unable to celebrate with her. She had some fun though & was thrilled with the Ipad from my dad.   

Saturday was a FIBRE day for me! We ran a couple of errands, I tracked down from Hemp yarn to do my mums washcloths (yes I am still working on those!!) I am on the last cloth & will post the photos next post!

A friend was in town & I got a bit of a visit in with her & her man. Brief as she has been working like crazy to finish up her Masters. It was good though! Next weekend will be crazy as a friend is coming to stay with us for the weekend, and another couple of friends is going to be moving into their new home, and the 5k!
I am on the last of the washcloths ... I was doing them for the May KAL with
Knitabulls and have used up all of my cotton, and I purchased 2 skeins of hemp to use for specific projects! I will post photos of all of them when I am completely done.(Next post!)
I am also spindling up the fibre that my swap partner sent me. I am not sure what it is, but it's spinning really thin! It's only 1oz so it will go quickly, but I thought I would take the opportunity to spindle it before I took on the BFL. (Plus I may have taken advantage of the Knit Me Happy podcast discount and purchased a gorgeous, gorgeous, spindle from Spinatude and wanted to give it time to get to me!).

The other things I accomplished???

I plied up all the yarn I made from the batts of miscellaneous sheep wool I received from Lynne @ Fibre Arts Bootcamp during my drop spindling class. Also, the fibre I won at Fibres West - Ashford Correidale. I Navajo Plied them & washed & "thwacked" it.The FAB very thick & thin & very slubby - and I broke it into 2 sections. The Correidale was more consistent, but after the Navajo still came out Super Bulky.

#1 - 2.2oz and I got 44 yards

#2 - 2.5oz and I got 38 yards

#3 - 3.5oz and I got 70 yards

ALSO - I had purchased some sock yarn at Fibres West from Pollika and I finally dyed it. I wanted to do something easy that I didn't have to purchase a bunch of new dishes, so I bought 2 packets of Grape Koolaid, and 2 packets of Blue Raspberry Lemonade Koolaid. I scoured the internet & tried the easiest the microwave. I just did half the skein one colour & the other half the's what I got:

After drying...

I am pretty happy with it! There are a billion other things I want to try now, but they will have to wait. Now I am not sure whether this is going to be socks or a shawl though!!!

Lastly, my non-fibre related crafting, the stepping stone for my momma! It turned out pretty good...I have a couple of issues, but it's concrete, so it's done now! hahaha Here you go:

Lazy last week. Hiked Sunday. Ran yesterday, and will be running tonight. Still doing the 5k - this weekend! Yikes! Yesterday we ran 5.83k so that was good!
I also plan to get back into doing strength training this week too. One week off was plenty, I need to keep this up!

Here's the my gal and I at the top of the Minnekhada Regional Park:
I heard back from Immigration. I received an email and it said "we need more proof of this...." so I found some documents and sent them. Now we wait! However, it does feel really good that we now have a case worker and someone to speak to directly!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hiking in the sun....

Hello all!
Since May 4th I have been doing a challenge on SparkPeople that I am working out 7 days a week. So I have found time for knitting in the evenings, but haven't found time for too much else.
Last week we went to dinner with my cousin & his lady for her birthday. Gastown Old Spaghetti Factory. Food was good, service a bit disorganized. Time with family - awesome! 
My dad was in town all week, so Tuesday he wanted to come over & go for sushi!! (No Knit Night for me that night!) Went for sushi & to Staples...he bought mum an Ipad for her Mother's Day/Birthday gift! ooohh lala! Other than those two dinners we worked all week. Running every other day, 10&1s (3 in a row). So the average was about 4.88km in 37min (with the 3min warm up & cool down).
This past weekend on Saturday Spyros & I went up to Harrison with our pals. Got there in time for lunch, had some foods. We were planning on a hike, but ended up wandering the boardwalk & playing a bit with the volleyball at the beach. We knocked it around for awhile, and then the guys were trying to teach us how to juggle it (like a soccer ball). I am the only one of the four of us that is very white. So they got tans in the beautiful sun & I got a bit of a sunburn. Aloe is my friend. Honest, I am a sunscreen-a-holic but I thought we would be hiking in the trees, and had only applied it to my face. Ooops!

Here's a couple photos from the day:
On the beach taking a break from the volleyball (can't see the sunburn yet!)

The fellas went up ahead on a path to see what they could see...

Sunday Spyros & I went to Hayward Lake to do the loop. It's a 17km loop all the way around, 10 on one side & 6 on the other. We started on the 6km side, and it was closed at the point where you cross the lake to the other side. We did a few side trails to see what there was to see...but it ended up being a 2h40m hike that covered 13.59km. So it felt good.

Here are some photos:
Some run off heading down to the lake

The two of us walking along the path

Another area where there was a lot of run of coming down the mountain
I finished the Lily Pond Scarf by Maggie Magali in Malabrigo Sock Yarn - Caribeno (held double) for my cousin! I even shipped it off to her with a dishcloth!
Hope she likes it!
 I have been knitting up washcloths like a crazy person...doing them for the May KAL with
Knitabulls but I will just post photos of all of them when I am completely done. It's been good though - using up all the cotton yarn in my stash!
Stash!?! Yes - I just received my SWAP today & OMG I got spoiled! Check it out:
A pattern, hemp/cotton yarn, tea, 1oz roving, a lovely postcard note & loads of beautiful buttons!
Did a little non-knitting crafting. My sister, brother & I each made a stepping stone from Michael's and I just finished it. It's drying - so when it's completed I will post a photo!
As I mentioned I have been still running the 10&1s. I have been doing strength training 6 days a week. I have been working every day as well. I am feeling good most days. Went hiking and had a fairly active weekend so we didn't run at all. However, my weigh-ins have not been reflective of my working out!

My friend & I signed up for our first 5km on May 27th. I am a bit nervous & a bit excited. I don't think that I am going to be someone who regularly does these races, but it will be a good challenge for now!
I phoned Immigration today as it has been over 5 months now. Basically, keep waiting. This is very frustrating as we are nearing the time to begin looking at flights for Spyros, however, it is government so we continue to wait!

Hope this had plenty of info for the non-knitters!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Short & Sweet

I don't have a lot to say! We have been working & the working is really cutting into my knitting time! Also, working means less "doing stuff" time!
Last weekend we went to ANOTHER movie on Friday night. We saw the 5 Year Engagement, it was funny, but not the best movie I have ever seen. Saturday we went to Nanaimo with a friend to go car shopping. Walked onto the ferry, had a car to drive back in!!!
I found some incredible buttons at Black Sheep Yarns in Port Moody, BC. I have been to this yarn shop many a time for yarn, but this was the first time looking at the button selection; what a selection it is!!! Needless to say, I sent off the package to my SWAP partner on Monday!
I am still knitting on the scarf for my cousin. I believe I only have a couple of pattern repeats left, so we're nearly there! For May I am doing a washcloth/dishcloth KAL with Knitabulls so I need to start on that soon too! It's just an easy peasy KAL, and I wanted to do a couple of cloths for my mum for Mother's Day anyhow - so it's all good timing!
Exercise?! I am running 10&1s now. Doing 2 in a row. Next week planning to do 3 in a row. I started a challenge on SparkPeople. So hopefully that helps too, however we have been working, and working HARD at work. I was cutting in 5000 sq ft house with 8 - 12 ft ceilings, so I can't even conceive of how many stairs I am climbing going up and down that ladder all day!! My thighs were BURNING the first day, so I did skip a day of running because I was so sore LOL. But I felt that if I was that sore, I must have been getting a good workout all day! 
The hardest part is being hungry when we get home, but if we make dinner, eat dinner, and then work out it's SO late! Why does it have to be hard for me to try & be more fit!?
Tuesday I skipped Knit Night again. Bad?! I was spinning up a storm and didn't want to stop. I finished the Corriedale! Now I need to make a Niddy Noddy so that I can measure my yardage & then ply & finish it all up!!!
Lator Gators!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a bit of a blurb...

As a Canadian the Hockey Playoffs have been rather big in our lives...sadly the Canucks were out in Round 1 after just 5 games. Also, Ottawa is out too after this afternoon. There is still hockey, but no one in particular we are cheering for!   

Other than that, this past week has been OK. Last week I did all the 8&1s, and was pretty proud! Unfortunately, this week I haven't done any running. The weather was crappy, we have been working (and that really changes around our "non-working" schedule!), and I have been feeling a bit disheartened. I have been watching what I eat & exercising 6 days a week, and still not losing. A bit frustrating, but I will get back at it! This weekend we have big plans for exercise.

Last weekend on Friday night we went to the movies with some friends. Haven't done that in ages, we saw American Reunion and it was pretty freakin' funny. American Pie was within a couple of years of when we all graduated and so we are within the same age group as the characters. I thought it stayed pretty true to the characters and feel of the original, and the soundtrack was sweet! It was a good double date!

Then we went into Vancouver on Saturday, I went to Make It! with a friend. My man spent the day with her man doing guy stuff, and we gals spent the day checking out crafty things! I purchased a little something for my SWAP partner. Yes, I am in another SWAP on Ravelry - this one for Yarn & Buttons. I saw this & couldn't resist! After that we went and walked Main St and then went a yarn shop to see if I could find some yarn for this same SWAP partner. On our way another friend called and she and her son met up with us on our journey. We found Three Bags Full and lucky us, they had a basket of toys for the little guy to play with! That helped as I wandered the shop looking for the "just the right yarn" for my partner. I found some! Also, the shop was adorable, and the women very helpful! Plenty of selection, lots of local & Canadian products -- one of which is what I purchased!! Then coffee, and we met up with the men, had dinner, a bit of was a great day and evening with friends!

This past Tuesday I did not attend the Knit Night, I hung out with another friend instead and ate Dairy Queen, watched Glee & New Girl! It was fun, and I did get a bit of knitting done.

I finished my socks! In time for the KAL, yay! They do fit, and I kinda super love them! Now I am back to one project on the needles...and now that I have had three, I am finding myself a bit bored with just one. I HAVE STARTITIS!! What the heck!?! Everyone else gets in in January, and here I am in April and now looking at everything in my stash & my queue and I just want to cast on, cast on, cast on! I am NOT, because I may not have much self control when it comes to food, but in most everything else I have very good self control. hahaha. Soooo ~ socks:

My feet are 6.5/7, although I have been told they look large in this photo!
Don't you LOVE them!? I love them!

I didn't think I had much news, or much to say, however I do seem to be awfully good at the rambling!!

Later Gators!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Is April half over already!?  Where does the time go!

Last week was pretty quiet. I tried to knit a lot, I did my runs...we watched a fair bit of hockey, and I know, our boys just cannot seem to get the puck in the opposing net. It's been a rough week. I discovered a new podcast: Knit Me Happy and she is adorable.

This Tuesday (yesterday) I went to Knit Night at my LYS Once Upon A Sheep! YAY! It was awesome, except that I forgot my pattern. Being as it was the heel flap in my socks, and I haven't DONE that, I needed the pattern. So I didn't knit much. However, I brought my spindle. Also, two of the ladies there are spinners - one had her wheel! So I was in heaven. Fibre samples were passed around & I was thrilled to see other women cuddling & sniffing & being fibre crazy. No one in my life understands me in this respect, so it felt good to be amongst friends. Needless to say I am sad it took so long & I will be back next week!!

That's about all I got up to though, not too much to tell! 

1. I am still working on my second pair of socks, two at a time on two circs using the pattern: Harvest Dew by Rose Hiver Designs in  Kattikloo Plumage Handpaint Warbler for the Knitting in Circles April Sock KAL...I am just starting the heel flap. I don't know if I will get done in time, but man, they do look cool!
About 1/3 through the leg...
2. Still working on the Lily Pond Scarf by Maggie Magali in Malabrigo Sock Yarn - Caribeno (held double) for my cousin! Actually picked it up last night and knit a couple of repeats!
The skein looked Purple & Teal..but it's a bit more blue & green...

I did some spindling!!

I am working on the free roving that I got in my basket from Fibres West. It is Ashford Wheels & Looms Corriedale Stripey Sliver it is 4 colours, pink, purple, chocolate and baby blue. It's coming out OK. The Corriedale is...sticky!? I think I am getting a more consistent diameter of yarn, but it's not coming super easy. I could probably have done this thicker, but I find it harder to get consistency with it being thicker. So I am doing it thin and planning to Navajo ply. I need to spend more time on spindling, but I still enjoy it!
It's coming along!

Last week we did 6&1s. I did 5.22km in 38min! I have been better about my strength training days, and yet my weigh in Friday was just THE SAME. Urgh.
This week is 8&1s. That's right...this gal with the crappy cardio has to jog for 8 minutes in a row. That may seem like no big thing to a lot of people, but for me - impossible! However, I did it! 5.22km in 37min! Tomorrow is Day 2 of the 8&1s. But I survived Day 1 and did not think I would, so I am happy!

No word on Australia... 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A time for Easter Eggs & KALs!

Hello & Happy Easter!

Since my last post we finished the townhome, and the couple was delighted with the results..we left them with a "new looking" space and all the work ahead of re-organizing their home! Also, we finished up the drywall portion of our friend's garage, and when we headed to the Interior for Easter - they tackled the paint themselves.

My good friend & her  man just moved into a new place together, so we visited them in their new home before we left for a was still a work in progress and I am sure we will see it a bit further along next time, but it was a nice space in a nice neighbourhood and they are excited about the changes.

On Monday, April 2nd we headed up to the Shuswap to visit my family for Easter. We left a week early because we had a job to do in Salmon Arm! The drive up was nice, we took the Fraser Canyon instead of the Coquihalla because it's only an extra hour & a half, and it's much easier on our elderly van! We arrived in plenty of time for dinner and to help a bit with dinner. Monday night was mostly just hanging out with mum & dad.

Tuesday, we stopped in at the job, and helped pick colours & make some decisions, and explain the process; then we went to pick up the paint! Stopped in at a friends for a visit on our way back to my parents...and went for a run when we got home. It was a week of 5&1s.

Wednesday & Thursday we worked! Repainted a fair bit of their home, but as the prep had all been done before hand to save on labour, we worked quite quickly! It was a small refresh on some walls & a massive change on others. Overall, they feel like it's more their space now, and are loving it.

Friday we visited, helped around the house a bit too...all those Easter preparations!!! Saturday, my sister & her fella showed up with the dogs. There was eating, basketball (I did not partake), tetherball, cooking, frisbee, eating, hiking, cooking, visiting, know, the usual! Overall, it was a good week & a great weekend. 

The view of White Lake from the Lookout

Easter Eggs!

I completed the Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West in Peruvian Alpaca Tweed #111 by Jane Stafford Textiles for the Knitabulls Stephen West KAL for April, and the Knit1HeartToo Neck KAL
Softest Cowl EVER -- for ME!
After a couple of visits to my LYS I have TWO things on the needles (it was three until I completed the cowl!)

1. I am trying to do my second pair of socks, two at a time on two circs using the pattern: Harvest Dew by Rose Hiver Designs in  Kattikloo Plumage Handpaint Warbler for the Knitting in Circles April Sock KAL
Slow going for me, but excited anyway!
The skein looked Purple & Teal..but it's a bit more blue & green...

 Zip. Nada. Nil.
During our week away I sucked at the strength training, but maintained the running. Completed my week of 5&1s, and this week we have begun 6&1s! I am officially the furthest I have ever gotten with the Learn to Run program...and stoked that I am able to do it! In 38min we went 4.75km. So it's not terrible!
Also, we worked our butts off working last Wed/Thurs, we went for a hike to White Lake Lookout on Saturday and played a bit of tetherball & frisbee as well. Now I am home, continuing with the jogging, strength training, and planning to get in a bit more yoga/pilates type stuff.

My last weigh-in I was down a pound, not sure about this week with all the Easter goodies...but here's hoping!

No word on Australia... 

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love Spring, but not allergies!

What have I been up to?! 

My good friend was in town last week, so Sunday evening after my last post, was dinner with her family, Tuesday was a pub night and Friday we went out for Thai at a new place in town, Smile Thai - there were 4 of us and the consensus was that we all loved it!

Also, we have a bit of work happening. A friend needed to drywall his garage, so Spyros & I went to help with that last Saturday (Mar. 24th). It was fun, but our bodies have certainly gotten used to lying about the house. It felt good to use muscles that haven't been used in some time! It was fun to spend a day with friends too. My dad was in town, and as it was Saturday he didn't have to work, so he dropped by and helped out a bit too. He's of the generation of men who literally have no "couch potato" in their makeup! 

Sunday we went to brunch with my dad & sister, she was in town as well for a birthday.  After lunch I tried to go to my LYS, but it was closed! (I thought it was closed Mondays, turns out it is both Sunday & Monday) After that we drove out to the dykes for a jog. My dad met us there and after our jog we went for another hour long walk with him.

Needless to say, my body saw a lot more activity last weekend than it is used to - but it felt awesome to be feeling muscles, even if they were sore it was nice to know they are there!

Today is Monday, March 26th, and we began a job for a friend today. Repainting their townhouse. Made a good start on it and probably have another 3 days or so. These last few days I have been getting out of bed at normal hours and getting tired by 10pm. This is also a welcome change!!!

Green Honey Cowl

I also completed my version of the Munchkin Hat by Jeannie Kubricht in Sirdar Crofter DK in 0042
Long Tailed Baby Girl Hat

I currently have nothing on the needles!! Not for lack of wanting, but because the next few projects I want to begin I do not have the correct needle size for, and my LYS has been closed when I have been free!

Oh so much loveliness! 

I wound the single from my drop spindle onto something so that I can ply it. I then started spinning the Ashford Corriedale that I won at Fibres West...only a teensy bit as I was showing a friend how I drop spindle.

The lifestyle change continues!! I made it through 2 and 1s, and will be starting 3 and 1s tomorrow!! 
My Friday weigh-in was a no-change weigh-in, but that is better than going back UP! I know that my activity level will skyrocket without me even having to think about it if I start working more, and I look forward to the auto work-outs on top of my planned/specific work-outs!

Nada on Visa.
Soon will be heading up to the Interior for Easter with the family - on that same trip will also be getting some working in, as a friend of mine has a family friend that wants us to do some painting! WIN WIN!

Thanks for reading! Have a super week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another amazing Fibres West experience

What's been going on here?! Well it's been raining a fair bit. However, it has not stopped me from keeping up with the exercise regime...yay!

I have been knitting plenty...and watching Being Erica on Netflix while I knit. I know a lot of podcasters are really obsessing over Downton Abbey, I just haven't given it a try as yet.

 I needed a different size of needle the other day, to begin 2 separate cowls. I went to Once Upon a Sheep and chatted for quite awhile. I purchased a demp/starter Knitpicks Options kit. It had two 24" cables and 3 sizes of tips. 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm in the 3 materials (acrylic, birch laminated, and nickle plated). I purchased the appropriate size cable as well. When I got home and took out the acrylic (the size tip I needed), and my cable I was losing my mind over how flexible the cable is!! The join is smooth... so far it's LOVE! I am very excited to learn Magic Loop on these suckers!

My biggest excitement was over Fibres West. I went on Friday, and am always a  bit sad to wander around by myself, but was not nearly as overwhelmed as last year. It seemed smaller, but that may have been the fact that I was not overwhelmed! There was plenty of fibrey goodness. Spinning implements, yarn, roving, untreated wool waiting for the hardworking to take home to wash, comb, card, spin...I did a lap, and then several more. I found myself wanting to purchase from people who were making eye contact and chatting a bit with me. I found myself wanting to purchase EVERYTHING!! However, I left the house with $150.00 and that was all I was able to spend on my day. 

I knew I wanted sock yarn, and I knew I wanted roving. So I bought from the following vendors:

Everything Old - I purchased sock yarn & a braid of SW Merino/Silk
Kattikloo - I purchased sock yarn
Valley Yarn - I purchased Malabrigio sock yarn
Smith and Ewe - I purchased a braid of BFL
Pollika  - I purchased undyed sock yarn to try dyeing!

I also bought a WPI tool since I plan to be spindling!! There was SO much more I wanted to purchase. Then I was thinking I should leave, or risk losing self control and heading for the ATM, but I wanted to stick around for the drawing of the door prize basket. I was standing there in shock when they announced MY NUMBER!!! I seriously don't know that I have ever won anything, so I was ecstatic, but shocked. My prize? More fibre, a Namaste Bitty Bag, a skein of art yarn, a scarf, 3 weaving magazines, a bottle of Soak, and a flower vase from the pottery vendor at the show.

Here is what I purchased and what I won!
My stash enhancement!

My prize basket
 Other news? I received my SWAP package! Yay!! Here's what my Swapee sent to me:

Earwarmer, towels, notepad & lights!
I completed my slippers...

I completed Burberry Inspired Cowl by Julianne Smith using Three Irish Girls Springvale DK in Geneva.

I completed a The Duketer by Jenny Wiebe using Katia Azteca 7816

My current WIP is Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Irwyn

Nada - but soon that will change!!
I am doing 6 days a week. 
Learning to run Tues/Thurs/Sat. I just finished Week 2 of Learn to Run, next week will be running 2min, walking 1min. 
Strength training Mon/Wed/Fri. It's going well. Sometimes I really don't feel like doing anything, but am determined to get back to a place I am happy, so I am doing it!
I have been tracking, and have been losing weight and starting to feel a bit better about things, starting to see some changes. Still not fitting the clothes I want to fit though!
I have sorted through my Ravelry queue and have big plans for upcoming projects!! Cowls, Monsters, Socks, Wraps, Shawls..still knitting from my stash, and I am excited now that things have plans!

Definitely hoping to get to Knit Night on Tuesday, but do have two friends who will be in town, so I am not positive it will happen.

Hopefully soon we will be swamped with work and won't be having as much time for knitting, but that does remain to be seen!

I sent the email to the Dept. of Immigration to let them know that we had moved. Got back a form email saying "We have passed this on to the appropriate people. Have a nice life."

Well this was LONG! Sorry about that!