Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let the spinning begin...

Two posts in June - say what!??!

Not a lot going on though! Seriously! We went to the NRL (Rugby League) game and it was a bit chilly. Think ice rink temperatures but with wind because it's an outdoor stadium. It's a MASSIVE outdoor stadium (we went to ANZ) that holds 80,000 people. There were 20,000 for this particular game. The Doggies lost, they deserved to though, they were playing pretty crap. However, it was cool to see it live. I would like to see another game at a smaller arena because we could only see what was going on if they were at the end we were closest to.

ANZ Stadium during warmups

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lots of goodies...

Happy June! Back home the weather is warming up and it's heading into summer, my niece just graduated High School in the US, and school is nearly done for my brother in Canada. He's in grade 11...he just got his drivers license (which is scary as all get out, but apparently he's a very good driver) and he's looking forward to summer. He's not coming to Australia with my parents, instead he's going to go stay with my sister and work this summer. I dunno, if I was 17 I would want to go to Australia for free rather than work in a mill, but I've always had the itch to travel!

Soccer is still happening. Last weekend my fella got into a "challenge" and ended up with some guy kneeing him in the ribs. So this past week has been a lot of cursing, moving slow & groaning while trying to sleep. Just bruised though, not that they do anything for ribs anyway! 

On the topic of the fella - it's his BIRTHDAY today! He's 32 (old butt) and so far we've slept in, had pancakes, and opened some presents. We'll see what else the day holds. I see a fair bit of couch time & some Spartacus in our future! 

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes for brekky!