Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fires are burning...

Other than knitting not a whole lot has been going on! We did go to that birthday party - had lamb on the spit & many other things! I met a bunch of new people, the birthday boy had some fun I think!

We've been planning a garden but it hasn't happened just yet. The biggest thing that's been going on is that there have been so many bush fires all around the state. It's pretty terrible just how many and how big they are, also how many homes have been obliterated. It's made for some really strange skies and terrible air to breathe as well.

Smokey skies over Marrickville

Bizzare juxtaposition in the sky

Monday, October 7, 2013

I've always loved October!

Welcome to my month! October is a great month, back home in Canada it's becoming fall (autumn), everything is changing colours, it is gorgeous. Also, my sister & I have our birthdays, my cousin has a birthday, my good friend has his birthday. Even when we were young there were several kids whose birthday's were in October. (Pretty obvious what everyone was doing 9 months earlier when there was loads of snow on the ground!!!)

Here it's a little OPPOSITE - we're experiencing spring. Which of course has a beauty all it's own:

Fun flower that popped up in our front flower bed one day