Monday, December 30, 2013

See you later 2013!!!

Hi there!

Since the last time I posted there's been a few things -- a lot of working trying to get things finished up before the holidays. We went on a date night to a Tapas place in Darling was fun, but it wasn't enough food for the mister!

We did go to Melbourne at the beginning of December. I was SUPER excited because I got to hang out with my Melbournian friend...and she did not disappoint! We spent the whole day together and I was really wishing one of us had a FitBit because holy moly did we smash out the steps! We had breakfast in one of Melbourne's funky little alley ways, we walked from one end of the city to the other and back again, we walked around the river, we walked through the Botanical park, we did some geocaching, checked out a market, saw some cool shops, and I learned some new and interesting factoids about Melbourne and about many other things! We had plenty of tea, we had chocolate, we did a bit of knitting, I purchased some amazing yarn and fibre and a couple of things from those great shops, AND we both got sunburns!!! It was amazing! There's nothing better than spending a day with a friend, a local in a new area, and in this case one who shares many of my interests and is a part of the same online community as I am. Great hostessing & great conversation, we were already planning our next outing in Sydney!