Monday, December 17, 2012

Walls can be beautiful things...

Since last I wrote a few things have been going on! Mostly it's been working on the Granny Flat, but there have been other milestone's. Things like sending off packages to Canada, there are more to go but I sent off a couple! I have done a great deal of my Christmas shopping, there's not much left. Which is nice since we don't have much time for shopping!! Also, we went to a dance recital - Spyros's neice is 5 and is in jazz and tap. It was three hours of random people dancing, but she was in three dances, it was pretty cute! One of the songs was "Ballroom Blitz", it was excellent, a lot of jumping around. She also won her first trophy so it was a pretty big day!!

Aside from regular work, a few days that were pretty hot and humid and difficult to want to DO anything in, there was progress on the Granny Flat!!