Monday, January 4, 2010

Cambodian Adventures

Yesterday we left our hotel in Bangkok at about 6:50am and took a lengthy bus ride to the border, then got the visa
thing sorted & then did some nutty trekking to the border. It wasn't that long, but when it's 30 degrees, humid & you have a 40lb pack on, it feels like miles. Went
thru the Thai border, and walked to the Cambodia health check where a camera checked our body temperature &
then to the border. Then onto a bus, 4 hrs to a roadside diner thingy
& ate dinner, and arrived in Siem Reap at 7:30pm. Went to the
guesthouse I had booked, but got screwed...they hadn't saved a room for
me. So our tuk-tuk driver took us to a hotel called Sydney Angkor Hotel. It's pretty good.
Hung out in our room. Did some laundry, had a shower,watched a movie.

I got a sunburn on the ferry from Ko Phangan - Surat Thani on our way
back to Bangkok...and now my forehead is peeling & it is SICK! So
I'm wearing a hat. lol I feel like a leper!

Today we slept in. got up & Crystal reorganized her bag & i
read the Mekong Lonely Planet guide. (there is a large portion of southeast asia that surrounds the Mekong river, Cambodia, Northern Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, part of China make up the Mekong Region) Then we went into town to get some
eats. Had a pumpkin dish that was so damn good. Do you understand
how AMAZING the food in these countries is?!??! it's ridiculous. I love
it.  I just want to eat all the time! Then we wandered around to see
the town a bit, found some shops, checked it out to see what is
different here & in Thailand. Then found some eco-friendly places
& a quilt shop (Thought of you Auntie Fay!) (, a shop that uses recycled materials ( & a couple
more that get disabled or women in rough spots to make things & the
Non profit organizations helping them sell the goods. Very cool. Lots
of stuff we would like to get because they are amazing & because it
helps out. It's just hard when we still have so much time left to
travel & carry around our packs. That's the crappy thing about
these long adventures! After that we headed back to our hotel & stopped off at the Friends Without a Border ( centre, it's an amazing NPO that specializes in pediatric care throughout cambodia. We went in & read all about it, watched the informational video, donated some money & learned a lot.

Feels like a pretty full day & it's only dinner time. We're planning to go to a place called Red Piano, where they have some fun music & the hecklers from the muppets are a key part of the marketing scheme - and that worked for Crystal! :) Then we are going to wander the night market & check it all out! Tomorrow we are planning to go & check out the temples at Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom. also, we might stop by the Friends Without a Border to see if we are able to give blood...not sure if we can or not, but if they will allow us we would like to help in whatever ways we can. And the day after another special spot where there are carvings in the riverbed & a waterfall to swim in. I can't remember the name of it right now though.

Later alligators! Thanks for your comments! I love when you comment!