Friday, February 12, 2010

Back in Thailand, feels like Home

So the last blog we were about to hop a slow boat from Luang Prabang to Thailand.


Well that is just what we did! It was a 3 step process. First step, go to the slow boat, buy a ticket, get settled, ride the boat to the first stop. It was an uneventful, fairly smooth, beautiful scenery kinda ride. I read, I listened to music & gazed at the hills. My friends read, napped, and Teresa & Crystal played some cards too. It was about a 9 hour ride upstream to the place we parked it for the night. We found a guesthouse & we moved our stuff in. Got some dinner, had a drink, went to bed at a reasonable hour to repeat the whole process again the following day! And we did!


This time though the journey was much more eventful. Not sure what it was, but I got something. Started feeling ick, ate something to help the tummy...didn't help. A few hours into the trip I was spewing. Then it was coming the right way, but the wrong consistancy. And I felt like death that night when we finally rolled in. Many trips to the toilet later I was just laying in bed praying for sleep. Now some of you might not understand, but I literally have a cast iron stomache. I cannot remember the last time I had to vomit or had diarhea! It just doesn't happen to me. So a whole day of it, and now...6 days's still not right!!! It's crazy! And I'm really tired of it! LOL But it's all controllable now..just unpleasant. Still not sure what it is, because that night as I was trying to sleep both Terence & Teresa started to suffer a similar malady. Everyone but Crystal, but she's the only one of us that took the Ducoral vaccine (plus she had a hole in her head, so I thought God might be feeling some sympathy).


Life in Chiang Mai is good. There are loads of markets to wander, the people are all friendly, Crystal got her stitches out & her head seems to be healing up pretty good. I know she is very happy to be rid of the strange gauge bobble she had going on, and she's happy to be able to shower with her head under the water too! We went on a 2 day eco adventure thing. First day was white water much fun. The river was pretty low, but it was still a lot of fun. Different types of stuff to do because we kept getting stuck, so there was a lot of jumping up and down & jumping from one side to the other. Good times! Plus the views were amazing! Then we spent the night at a homestay in a village in the jungle. Sweet people, didn't really speak any English, but it was great. They cooked for us, we got massages, a comfy bed & breakfast in the morning. The woman of the house also makes these little animals out of Bamboo & she gave us each a frog keychain. So sweet! Yesterday we spend the day strapped in & ziplining around the jungle canopy with a group called Flight of the Gibbon. So exciting, so beautiful, so fun!!! We were with all Canadians, and one Austrian couple. But it was funny, there are usually more Aussies than anything! Two couples from Ontario, and a couple from Saskatchewan. We ended the day at a waterfall & then ate lunch together & headed back to Chiang Mai city. We made plans with the younger couple from Sask. Tim & Sheila & we met them for dinner & went to a Muay Thai boxing match last night. That was pretty cool too! Very different & not knowing the rules it was sometimes hard for us to tell who was winning, but it was pretty intense stuff!


We wanted to go to the Elephant Nature Park, but it's all booked we're looking into alternatives!


Will keep you updated! Not long now!


Love Shelle