Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swaps R Us!

So I joined a SWAP. My first swap on Ravelry, I have been stalking a few for a couple of months, but I have been nervous to partake. For all non-ravelers and non-knitters - a SWAP is when you are partnered up and send one another a package. Now this package can vary greatly, but when it comes to Ravelry, it generally will include yarn or a knit/crocheted item. It can also include chocolates, books, postcards, knitting notions, fat quarters for sewing, needles, patterns, etc. etc. etc. The swap group I joined is one that changes each month. Yarn + Something Else, and the something else changes. This time it was Yarn + Chocolate (so you see why I had to join!).

My Swapper was from New Zealand, and I was lucky enough that she is also a member of Three Irish Girls Yarn Skein of the Month Club. I have been scrolling through these amazing handpainted yarns at Three Irish Girls for a few months now. Such incredible colours and great reviews. I have definitely decided to join the SM Club once $$ allows - so imagine my amazement to open up my package from NZ and find a gorgeous skein of Three Irish Girls DK merino!!! Oh happy day! Also, some gorgeous dark chocolate mint chocolate and a dark chocolate chili lime chocolate as well. (I won't lie, I am already well into the chocolate).

Pretty stoked about my first Swap! Here it is:

Naturally, I sent a message with much thanks ...and then started trolling other swaps to see what was going on. Now I have joined another that is a February - make something red Swap. This will be fun because I will be receiving a handknit something in this swap!!

Needles: I have been wanting to work on my thrummed slippers. I have been NEEDING to make myself some thrummed slippers!! However, it has been snowing off and on a fair bit, and we live in the bush...up a hill. So I do not go to town unless I must for work, or groceries. Since we haven't been working much, I haven't been out much! I did make it to town on Friday - I bought the needles, but when I got back and looked at the pattern again, it says "3.5 & 4.5 double pointed needles"...but the bloody pattern is knit in the flat and therefore I got the wrong needles! Oi!

To pass the time I have been spinning. That's right - ages ago I took a drop spindle spinning class.   I haven't touched it since. I always have such a fear of messing up something I don't know very well. But I pulled out the spindle and the roving and started on it. I made a fair bit of single ply VERY thick & thin, very artsy, very inconsistent yarn! But that's ok - at least I am working on it! I want to spin the rest and try to ply it together. Or else I might just Navajo ply the whole kit and caboodle!

Today I cast on a hat, a cute bay boucle hat to be sent to my friend for her photography studio. Soon I shall conquer those blasted slippers!!

Visa: Finally received a reply, the gist of which was, "Yes we received all of your info.  You will not be contacted unless we need something from you. This may take 5 - 12 months."

Well thanks so much Immigration for your understanding of my state of limbo! So we wait...