Friday, February 10, 2012

I love all the things!

Since my last post I have been doing pretty good with the exercise goals. SparkPeople does seem to do me good as I think about the fact that I have to keep track of my food & my exercise, and it makes me more accountable. I have had a bit of chit chat with other members as well, so I feel like I have company in my struggle. Plus Friday weigh-ins...ugh!

So my video podcast obsession is my inspiration for my title as there have been a lot of titles in a similar vein "Must knit all the things", "Must write all the things". I think it's awesome as there is not enough time in a day to do everything we all want to do.

A list of my current loves:
- the handspun and handpainted squishiness that the podcasters I follow are showing each week in their stash enhancements
- the fun and funky knitting project bags that the podcasters show their projects in!
- Days when the sun is shining bright & I can just feel the vitamin D!
- the way I feel when I have kept my promise to myself to exercise each day
- when I learn a new technique and see how awesome the project looks
- daydreaming with my hunny about everything we plan to do when we get to Australia
- being able to drop in at my mum & dads because we live so much closer now

Valentine's Day is coming up. Not sure that DH & I have any plans yet though. Hopefully we will figure something out. Since we work together, live together, are together pretty much 24/7 we don't really seem to be making a lot of time for "romance". So maybe taking some time for a special time would be good!!!

Nothing really of note happening lately. Had a heavy fog blanket for several days in our area. It's a bit dreary all the grey, along with it though came a lot of hoar frost on all of the trees which was SO gorgeous. It makes everything look crisp and lovely. We wanted to take a photo or two, but it started snowing and I wanted to get home quickly because I thought we might not make it up our hill because it does tend to snow more about half way up our hill! Oh well - just a few more weeks of that particular drama. Now it's just the where oh where to live drama.

I have cast on the hat for my's on Ravelry and it's called Sockhead Hat since it's made of fingering weight yarn. Now I was always a worsted/chunky lover. My first socks were Light Fingering (and felt like they lasted FOREVER). My first shawl was Fingering (and it was starting to wear on me too). But I made a few bulkier projects in between and I am really enjoying the feel of the smaller yarn right now, and I am about half way through!

I have the yarn and pattern finally settled for my SWAP. There are a bunch of people already DONE! Yikes! I just need to get the appropriate needles and then I can cast on that one too!!

I haven't done anything with my last bit of spinning. It's just sitting there waiting to be plied. I just wasn't sure how to go about it - but I think I have it figured, so now I just have to get to it! 

Then I need to get some more fibre so that I can try to spin with it!!!

Hmmm.. I am not sure if I should try to post random thoughts more often, or actually wait until there is something major to say! When I started blogging I was traveling and it was very easy to have something interesting to say everyday when in a foreign country!!