Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lots of goodies...

Happy June! Back home the weather is warming up and it's heading into summer, my niece just graduated High School in the US, and school is nearly done for my brother in Canada. He's in grade 11...he just got his drivers license (which is scary as all get out, but apparently he's a very good driver) and he's looking forward to summer. He's not coming to Australia with my parents, instead he's going to go stay with my sister and work this summer. I dunno, if I was 17 I would want to go to Australia for free rather than work in a mill, but I've always had the itch to travel!

Soccer is still happening. Last weekend my fella got into a "challenge" and ended up with some guy kneeing him in the ribs. So this past week has been a lot of cursing, moving slow & groaning while trying to sleep. Just bruised though, not that they do anything for ribs anyway! 

On the topic of the fella - it's his BIRTHDAY today! He's 32 (old butt) and so far we've slept in, had pancakes, and opened some presents. We'll see what else the day holds. I see a fair bit of couch time & some Spartacus in our future! 

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes for brekky!

Presents for my Mister

This month so far has been fairly work heavy, in that we've been working pretty regularly. We did get out to Cobbitty Market earlier this month. I loved it. We found some goodies: some fresh from the farm produce, some yarn from Susanne's House of Wool, a new place to purchase tea online with ITea, both of which I did and enjoy thoroughly!
Cobbitty Market fun, and my car knitting!

Some other goodies!? My June NoToxBox came and it was full of goodies! Also, we finally bought a crockpot - first on my list was to make Borscht with the beets we purchased at Cobbitty!!

NoToxBox goodies
Borscht with greek yogurt on top!

The other fun thing we did was to introduce Spyros' family to GeoCaching. We went out and found a cache and they all loved it, so the plan is to continue doing this when we are able on weekends. It's different here! I "think" more before digging in bushes and things because of spiders (not so worried about snakes this time of year) so it's a bit nerve wracking sometimes!
The excitement & the path we took up the hill to find the cache!

Last night we went out with some friends for dinner, a beverage & some gelato as a birthday celebration. It was nice!

Upcoming plans?! Next Friday is the Rooster vs Bulldogs, so I think we're going with friends.

I finished up the Trillian by Martina Behm for the Wolfe Farms BEHM Along KAL. I used Fresh from the Cauldron Schoodic Sock in the Tyler colourway that I received in a SWAP in March! It's gorgeous, a bit small because it wasn't a skein of Wollemeise! 
Finished Trillian *lurve*

Can you believe I am still working on the Market Bag by Vicki Square in Katia Paper yarn ? I made some serious progress. I ONLY have the handle to finish. Probably 5"...I just like my other stuff more hahaha. I am using 10mm and 6mm needles for this one.

I am nearly done, but haven't taken another photo.
I am still working on my Everything Old Spinning Fibre  it is 50/50 SW Merino and Silk, and in the Lady of the Lake colourway. It's spinning so thin, but I am going to stick with the Fractal plan. I am nearly done the first half and really want to get it completed before June 29th so that I have all of my spindles clear for TdF!


I have begun work on my Level Up Socks by Heather Kinne who is BoutrosBabe of Highland Handmades! I am knitting them out of Friday Studios, Monday Base, Shades of Pemberly colourway (Jane Austen Club) and loving my first self striping! The needles are my 2.5 Chiaogoo 40" circles, and I am doing them 2aat Magic Loop!

Stripes & cables!
New stuff?? Yes, yes I have some!

Phat Fiber Box :
My first Phattie - May SuperHeroes
 Susanne's House of Wool:

Chose a colour & base I hadn't used & already have a project planned!
 SWAP Package:
May Handcare SWAP - Mohair!!! Already have a project planned!

Tribbles from Gourmet Stash:
TdF here I come - So excited about these!

Found this on eBay and wanted to try it!

Targhee in the Gold Digger colourway from Spunky Eclectic:

Won this on Nimblestix - new to me fibre! SQUEE!
I still haven't received my Trindle which is a bit scary!

I have 2 weeks left of Insanity! So far I have lost some inches and have lost 8lbs. Some of my "skinny (normal)" clothes are fitting again! A couple of things are a bit too tight to be comfy, but I can get them on again! I do feel like my joints will need a bit of a break, but it's been very challenging and very rewarding.

Once I am done my plan is the same: to start running again, 3x per week and figure out a strength training program 3x a week. I will continue using MyFitnessPal to track calories in and out. I am also going to do the City to Surf 14km race in August. I am not planning to run the whole thing without stopping, however, my friend who just got married is doing it for work. A bunch of the women from the running group I had been running with are doing it as well. So I think I will just run with my friend, and when we run, we run and when we walk, we walk! It will be fun, and my parents will be here then so I will have a cheering section! I still have to sign up!

Also upcoming is the Colour Run. We're doing that at the end of August - going to sign up my parents too!