Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snow is falling!!

A couple of days ago we had our first snow snowfall overnight...just a bit of a skiff, it did not stick to any of the roads. Today I was sitting indoors, I was watching the snow falling and thinking how lovely it was. But then it was time to go home. 

I had been quietly enjoying the snow for over 3 hours...I had to sweep the snow off of the windows and doors, it was a bit slippery on the side streets as they were not plowed. I went to the service station to fuel up for the ride home. Slow going, busy traffic and they were all worried about the snow. Westside Rd. Plowed, but not well. Went about 40 - 60km the whole way home. It took a lot longer than usual. Passed a few people pulled over to avoid hills. There were still quite a few deer on the road (stupid deer -- don't they know it's so much harder to stop in snow!), also one coyote. Made it to the resort. Stopped for mail..and then couldn't get going again. Took a run at the hill 5 times. Nothing doing. Had to park it down by the pool and walk up that snowy damn hill. This is not a little crest, it's a big effing hill!! Close to 400 metres up hill in the snow with my hands full. NOT FUN!!!

So the lovely snow is not seeming so lovely. I put a call into the landlord to ask about hopefully that will improve!! Also, gonna sandbag the back of the van.

Knitting?! Working on some Christmas gifts...the snow is definitely inspiring in the knitting department. I listened to a podcast the other day. Two people, I found it a bit confusing, a bit unorganized, and a bit boring. But yesterday I decided to check out KnitPurlGurl as she has been doing video podcasts lately. I dig. I knit while watching, though I was often distracted because I could SEE the yarn, and SEE  the projects. So I dig knitting VIDEO podcasts, also the audio ones are not for me so much.

Not much for news either than that --- can't really post photos of objects as they are pressies - but perhaps tomorrow will be a bit of a snow day?!?!! ooooooooooOOOOOoooOoOoooohhh