Thursday, December 1, 2011

December already??

Well the holiday season is upon us. I am not so crazy about Christmas. I love stockings, I love family time & cranberry sauce. But the commercialism I find a bit nuts. Christmas songs being played in malls from Halloween. But I am trying to make a fair amount of my gifts...and that means I am trying to knit every spare moment. I definitely have some shopping to do, but I have a fair amount of loved ones that also know how much time & effort goes into handmade gifts, and for them it is a pleasure to supply them with things I have made!! Gives me projects too!

It did snow more, it's melted now, but it did snow a lot and we got stuck a the bottom of our hill unable to get up it because they did not plow/gravel it that first snow. Now that it's been graveled we have not had any issues, but let me tell you -- I was one unhappy gal walking up that hill in the snow that night. Lucky I didn't have groceries!!!

I began quite early and have gotten 7 1/2 projects done so far. And they weren't all pre-planned, some I have been thinking up as I go. I have 1 1/2 I would like to finish for sure, and an additional 2 that I would really like to get done.

Travel -- well we are done the visa!! Need to print off a couple of things & then photocopy the whole shebang and we will mail it off & await a reply!! So if all goes perfectly it could be approved in 5 months. It can take up to 10, but we are really hoping not as my man must be back in Australia by early July.

Finally made it out to a Sit & Stitch on Saturday, only to find that the venue (coffee shop) was closed oops and because I arrived late, did not get to meet up with fellow knitters...however, got to chatting on Rav and now have a Stitch & Brew date for this coming Wednesday night and am SO EXCITED about finally making it out to knitting meetup! Thus far even all fibre shows etc. I have attended alone (or with S - but he doesn't love it like I do, he just loves me!!)