Saturday, July 7, 2012

A month later?!?!

Hi there...June got to be a crazy month apparently! Here is a prime example of how time gets away on me. I am always saying "the other day" when really it turns out that I meant up to 6 months ago! Oi! I thought it had only been a couple of weeks since I wrote, but it looks like it's been a month!

June was mostly just working & getting ready for Spyros to leave. He had his ticket booked for the 27th. We went up to my parents about a week before he was due to leave. Got to spend some time with them & say goodbye. We had big plans, all outdoor - and none of them happened. It was rainy & terrible & flooding all around us. We were meant to go White Water Rafting, but it was canceled because it was too dangerous. One poor soul did end up losing his life to the river that weekend. The river has been so crazy, fast & full because of all the rain. 

Instead we just played Risk, I knit, we ate, we watched movies...just hanging out. 

Spyros left. I took him to the airport. We got him checked in & spent the rest of our time holding hands & waiting until he had to go through the gates. It was sad. It had been seeming much bigger & more intense as we were packing up all of his clothing & toiletries. It's like he was never here, the closets are empty. Very strange feeling. 

He had a good couple of flights, we chatted on the phone & we have been Skyping quite a bit since then. The time difference doesn't make it the easiest. However, we are used to being together almost 24/7 so it would be harder not to talk!

My friend was here when I got back, I was invited up to dinner & then my friend came down to the suite to learn to drop spindle...she's hooked!!

I have been working a lot since Spyros left. About 6 days a week! I am tired, but it keeps me out and about...not so lonely.

I am working on my Grandma's Shawl which is the Adaptation Shawl by Kirsten Hipsky using my 100% wool yarn I purchased on eBay. On my 4.5mm Knit Picks Interchangeables.

I am also working on my Broke Rack Shawl which is the Yvaine by Liz Abinante using my Rabbitworks Fibre Studio, Fingering Weight 100% Superwash on 5mm Knit Picks Interchangeables.

I did receive the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight from the Knitabulls giveaway!!! It's lovely.

I have been spindling like crazy on my Spinatude spindle for the Tour de Fleece! I am spinning up my Smith & Ewe 100% BFL. It's going pretty great! Slowly...but so thin & I am still not sure whether I am going to be making it 3ply Navajo or just a 2ply!


The trip to my parents was good. Awesome weather on the drive up & back, also we drove a rental car & that was nice to be in new wheels even though I hated the car itself. 
I emailed our Case Worker to update Spyros contact information. I received an auto reply email that my case worker was on holiday. So I forwarded the information to the person who was meant to be filling in & now I wait yet again! Aw geez...