Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grey days and sad news...

I know, I know, it's been a couple of weeks! I wanted to have some stuff to talk about & show you!!

Two weekends ago we had company...a good friend from Fort St. John came to visit, but she got a bit of a crummy visit as I had my 5K, and another friend had just purchased a new home & it was the weekend they were moving in. Of course I had promised to help!

Friday night when she arrived we visited the Richmond Night Market for some tasty food & to see what the offerings were. Ended up with some nail art stickers, and that was about it!

At the Night Market (best we could do, no flash on my phone!)

Saturday we had breakfast out, did some running around in preparation for the 5K, and got in some crafting & visiting time. I knit, she cross stitched. 
Sunday was the Run for Water & then moving, then dinner, then she went home!
After the 5K - our time was 36:36...not terrible for a first time!
Wednesday we didn't work, so I went over to my friend's house to help with the unpacking & getting organized. It was fun, I like organizing & making a house a home! It was a fun girlfriend day!
Last weekend we worked Saturday and on the way home our van overheated and started spewing coolant out as soon as we parked it. So we let it cool down. Topped it up with water, and then we drove it home. Had some help trying to figure it out. We have known that it has issues and a coolant leak before, but it's never done this, so obviously the leak has gotten worse! We figured we only needed it to last us another month or so, we added some weird stuff that is meant to block any holes. After that we realized one belt was shot. Replaced it. Topped up coolant & haven't had the same bizarro issue since!
It pretty much killed our weekend because all of the things we did to it were over 3 days and we were worried to drive it too much before we did them.
Fun things?! I won some yarn on a podcast!!! Knitabulls I was SO excited. I haven't gotten it yet though, and it was over a week ago that I found out I won. I am excited, first win on a podcast give-away & it will make a cute baby something I think! I was hoping to be able to show it, but that's not happening.
Worked all week, went to the movies last night with friends. Snow White & the Huntsman. I liked the movie, quite a lot. I don't know that I liked the liberties that they took with the movie. I like adaptations, and I like when stories are told from a different POV. However, this was a bunch of stuff that was not in the story, was not following the storyline, etc. Also, I felt Kristen Stewart's character was almost identical to Bella in the Twilight series. Very similar reactions & behaviours, I have seen her in other roles and liked her, so was a bit annoyed this was so similar. I enjoyed the movie though!

Today we worked, but on a friend's parents place, repainting some rooms. Tomorrow my cousin and his lovely lady are coming for dinner!
I finished all of the washcloths & took a photo (there are 2 missing from the photo as they had already been delivered to recipients!)
I finished up the SWAP fibre and navajo plied it - here is what I got!

1oz, 48 metres, navajo plied, DK/Sport weight (144 metres in singles)
I made two stuffed animals for my niece & nephew! My first creatures...they are cute!
Tuck the Turtle
Ella the Elephant
I have started working on some booties for a friend and the baby-to-be. Once those are done I will be getting back to my regularly scheduled programing of Stash-Busting!

I got my drop spindle from Spinatude and its beeeeeautiful I am going to be spinning up some 100% BFL from Smith and Ewe but I haven't started yet...
Spindle with the roving
So incredible Steam Punk inspired spindle!!!
So lazy, have not run since the 5k! I did pilates once. I need to get back to it!!!
Ok, I called Immigration. News?! Still looking, not going to reach the stage where they know if I am approved or not anytime soon. Spyros has to leave by July 7th, and it looks like I am going to be here through July at least. It sucks. It was be SO weird to be apart, we are literally together 24/7. We live & love together, we work together, the only time we are apart is if I am having a "girl night". I am going to miss him. I am going to talk to myself a lot. He thinks it might be good that he is able to get all of his paperwork & things in order before I get there. Still frustrating though!

So the only traveling on my horizon is a trip to my parents, so they are able to say goodbye to Spyros, and to & from work!!! I would love to get up north and see my friends & family up there, and I would love to get to the Island to see my friend's place there. I just don't think it's going to happen. July sure snuck up on us!

Have I mentioned lately how frustrating dealing with government can be?????????