Monday, December 17, 2012

Walls can be beautiful things...

Since last I wrote a few things have been going on! Mostly it's been working on the Granny Flat, but there have been other milestone's. Things like sending off packages to Canada, there are more to go but I sent off a couple! I have done a great deal of my Christmas shopping, there's not much left. Which is nice since we don't have much time for shopping!! Also, we went to a dance recital - Spyros's neice is 5 and is in jazz and tap. It was three hours of random people dancing, but she was in three dances, it was pretty cute! One of the songs was "Ballroom Blitz", it was excellent, a lot of jumping around. She also won her first trophy so it was a pretty big day!!

Aside from regular work, a few days that were pretty hot and humid and difficult to want to DO anything in, there was progress on the Granny Flat!!
As of today we have drywall up, primer on the walls, ceiling finished, tiling completed, flooring in, kitchen assembled and awaiting installation!!! It seems like it's gonna happen, we are thrilled!!

Flooring being installed...

Kitchen going in!
I finished up the Double Bump Mobius Headband by Melissa Hahn in the The Yellow Hobbit Worsted.

I also completed some snowflakes for Karrie's family, free patterns from Ravelry.

I am participating in a KAL with Sockbunny Knit and Fit and The Knitting Den during December and January, we are doing variegated yarn socks. For this KAL I chose to do Don't Cage Me In Socks by Boutros Babe/Fiberista Files in Hawthorne Cottage Yarns 4ply Nylon Sock Yarn. It is going pretty well. I am doing them two at a time using two knitpicks harmony 2.25mm (US 1) circular needles. I've had to tink back a few times when I have messed up here or there, but it's pretty easy.
I like, I like!

I also started my Crosswords at the Coffee Shop by KnitPurlGurl which I received from knittinwolf of Wolfe Farms Podcast, I am knitting it in Super Worsted by TriaFataFibreArts. I am using my Hiya Hiya Sharps Interchangeable 5mm circular. I have completed on whole pattern repeat and have begun the second. 

It's looking lovely!
I haven't touched my spindle! Terrible! I need to do that!

I received a couple of my purchases! 

The Ravelry project bag pictured above, which is working out fabulously for larger projects!

I received the yarn I had purchased from TriaFataFibreArts in Super Worsted for my Crosswords project. Details:
So much squishiness!

Colourway: OOAK Violet
100% NZ wool
Approx. 190 yards / 100 grams

I also received my first Gnome Acres purchase and it's lovely! The special edition TMNT set!! Most of these are already earmarked for projects or for people:

• Yarn Base: House Gnome
• 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon
• Fingering Sock Weight Yarn
• 462 ± yards in each of the 5 skeins, that's 2,310 yds total! 


A drop spindle that I have been lusting after for sometime and haven't tried out yet 1.12 oz. Banksia Pod Drop Spindle by 3gwoodworks I have yet to take a photo as well.

Also, Twisty (now Miracle) sock yarn by Sockbunny which is so phenomenally bright it blows my mind, nevermind the fact that it glows under blacklight!!! 


80s FASHION colorway.
80% Superwash BFL
20% Nylon
400 Yards/100 grams

Lastly, a beautiful nostepinne by woodturnerva is is beautiful and which I have used already!!

After winding the yarn for my Crosswords...
 Only one more purchase left to arrive, and that is the yarn for my For Good hat! Also, a bit of good news...


So nice to have it safe and sound!!

I finished up the 30 Day Shred and didn't really see any results. I hadn't weighed myself, but the measurements weren't any different. So I've had a bit of time to feel crummy about it, and now I am getting back on the horse. Not entirely sure what my plan is going to be, but it's going to happen again! I am determined not only to lose the weight - but also to make fitness a part of my life.

Not much here as we are spending our money on building our flat - however, we did get a screaming deal on a hot water heater that was in Woolongong and I drove out there in Spyros's dads "ute" (truck). It's the furthest I have driven since I arrived (around 1.5hrs), and I had to drive along a freeway! I was enjoying that I felt more comfortable, plus it's a manual transmission and I missed that with the last vehicle I owned. Spyros was with me, but I was still driving!