Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Losing a friend...

Yesterday I found out at the end of my day that Karrie, KnitPurlGurl had passed away suddenly on Monday. I felt the blow physically, though I have never met Karrie, in person, she was the first knitting blogger/podcaster that I started following. Through her podcast I discovered many others, and Plurk and began to really feel like a part of the knitting community at large. For me this was very important, as I do not have a lot of friends who knit, crochet or spin, and the few that are interested in fibre arts do not live near me. It was amazing to be able to chat with and learn from these women (and men) who loved fibre as much (and more) than I do.

In Karrie's memory there are a few things going on. You can find out more details in her KnitPurlGurl Group on Ravelry -  

In recent days she had been crocheting snowflakes as ornaments for her families tree, as all of their ornaments were lost in their last move. So knitters are reaching out to her family and knitting and crocheting up a blizzard of ornaments for their tree. To show our support, love and appreciation during this very difficult time.

There is also a KAL - Coffee with Karrie in which you can knit any of Karrie's shawl patterns in remembrance of her spirit and talent. Many of these patterns have been gifted, as Karrie was also the instigator of the Random Act of Pattern (RAP) where Tuesday is a day to randomly gift a pattern to a friend or to anyone on Ravelry.

I hope to take part in both of these, I was gifted Karrie's pattern Crosswords at the Coffee Shop from Dawn of Wolfe Farms Podcast during RAP Tuesday. I just need to find yarn. I also need to buy some appropriate yarn & hooks to make a snowflake or two. So look for both of these on my needles/hooks in the near future.

In my personal life - we have made (and I use "we" loosely as really it's Spyros who is doing most of the work) quite a lot of progress has been made on the Granny Flat! The shed is mostly completed, a new roof on both the garage & the shed, it's been gutted & re-wired, plumbing roughed in, the internal structures are up, walls are insulated (I did that!), drywall should be going up tomorrow...we're moving. We may just be in by Christmas like we had hoped to be!

This is when our loft bed was put up. The roof is on.
Last weekend I went into the city and met up with my seatmate from the flight here. We went to a Burlesque show. It was unlike any burlesque I have seen...much more dark. Like if Marilyn Manson did burlesque. There was a bit of funny splashed in and it reminded me a bit of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was strange, but it was enjoyable. Unforgettable for sure, though I might be more inclined to label some of it a lot more "interpretive dance" than "burlesque". It was fun to get out & do something different with a new pal.

So I finished up my Sadlers Wells by Ella Austin which I am did in the Average (60sts) size on my 3.75mm HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeables. I used Pear Tree Supersoft 8ply in a lovely aqua colour! These are a gift and will be shipped out soon!
All done!
 I know I said that I would be doing Zuzus Petals by Carina Spencer in Little Monkey's Stitch & Spin Melody next, but then I received some yarn that was for another gift!! So I started the Winning Waves Mitts by Hillary Rubin in The Yellow Hobbit Worsted that I had custom dyed for this project!
Fingerless mitts!
I am also working on Double Bump Mobius Headband by Melissa Hahn in the same yarn to use it all up!

Haven't touched my spinning...

I have received a few things since last I posted!

I was RAPed the Crosswords at the Coffee Shop by KnitPurlGurl from knittinwolf of Wolfe Farms Podcast and also Ceramic Flowers by Mademoiselle C from calsters. Thank you both!!

The Yellow Hobbit the Worsted that the mitts above are knit from, and the fingering you see pictured in the Autumn Socks colourway.
The Yellow Hobbit Yarn
Friday Studios Fiber Arts
The other goodie I purchased was from Friday Studios , I purchased beautiful fibre in the Sunny Beach colourway, and a lovely self striping sock yarn in the Gems colourway. My first self striping! I also joined her club - Jane Austen Self Striping. Her first club & my first club! That will start coming in January I believe! 3 months!

Now, I know I said I don't buy a lot often - and I realized why I have been buying a bit more lately. I don't have my stash! I packed it all up, all of my needles & yarn that I loved and my mum shipped it to me a couple of days after I left Canada to come here. That was around Sept. 15th. That box is still NOT here which is freaking me out a little, and I don't have yarn for many of the items in my queue. I miss that box of yummies!

Well I am on Level 3. I have skipped a day or two here or there, but I am adding it to my total of 30 days. I unfortunately still do not feel like it's making any difference to my body. I do notice that it gets easier as I continue on a level, so surely my fitness is improving - and that is great! However, I also want changes to the way that I look and my clothing fits!!

Nothing new on the docket here!