Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Madness!!

Really, the only madness is that I am JUST NOW getting around to doing another post! Crazy. Quite a bit has gone on too, but quite often when we sit down I am working on a project, skyping with friends or family, or we are watching TV or a movie!

February ended up fairly uneventful, the biggest news was probably the news that mum & dad booked their plane tickets!


They are coming to visit for a month at the end of July! I am very excited about this, so Spyros & I are trying to figure out what to do with and for them (I am sure Spyros will get to see a bit more of his country too!)

March is going well, if you remember back in September we were working on that crazy building with the neon colours and the diamond pattern?? Well, the city has nothing but money to spend, and they really like this particular Aboriginal artist, so we ended up doing 2 more projects! One is a stairwell wall at a school for Aboriginal children, and the other is a building in an Aboriginal area that I believe they are going to be making into a "living museum". 
The school..

The Redfern Terrace

We have been a bit busier with work, but have been having some days off too. Spyros started playing soccer with his brother & some friends on a team, so he will be more busy soon! I've gotten a couple of sunburns this month, gotta be more careful with sunscreen! 

We had a breakdown one weekend going to the markets, but were saved by a friend! 

Getting help from a friend when our belts went bye-bye

We took a trip up to the Blue Mountains to check out a yarn shop for a SWAP I was in, when we were there we went to the Three Sisters and did the hike down & back up the 900 stairs!! We will go back to do a bit more, and hopefully check out the caves (maybe when the family visits) - but it was fun!
Mid hike on the Giant Stairway

I had a sleepover at my friend Robyn's and we had a late night of girl talk, finished off with a morning of pedicures! The following weekend we were all set to go to Mardi Gras but the weather was terrible and we worked a long day, so Robyn came out to our place and we had another sleep over, watching movies and having some tasty pizza! I don't have many friends here yet, but the ones I do have are gooders!

We also went out last weekend and hit up a craft fair Stitches & Crafts, it wasn't quite what I expected, A LOT of sewing/quilting stuff. However, I did find 2 fibre related booths and got myself some buttons and some fibre.

I think that about catches you up on the random life stuff!

Finished my Shop Hop Shrug by Nell Ziroli in Moda Vera Marvel 8ply in black. BOO black! However it's blocking, so all that is left is to sew up the sides a little and start wearing it!

Shop Hop Shrug blocking!

Also completed were 2 Snuggles which many people created in February because Sadie of the Yarnivore Podcast spearheaded the effort (and does every year) & this year they broke records again! I was in touch with our local RSPCA and I believe I can drop the snuggles with them, I haven't done that yet though! I did 2, out of the same yarn - Moda Vera Marvel 8ply held double, one with a 5.5mm hook and one with 5.5mm needles! I crocheted the Back to Basics Snuggle and got about a 19X19 inch size!  The second was Grandmothers Favorite dishcloth, but made bigger! 19X19 again.
Knit Snuggle
Crochet snuggle

The heel is turned on my Aquaphobia Socks by Crystal Flanagan which I am using my Pollika yarn that I dyed myself! I am working them two at a time, top down on US1/2.25mm. So it's moving pretty quickly now!
It's a bit further than this, but this was my most recent photo!

I have just begun the Greys of Shade Hat and I am using Moda Vera Marvel Soft 8 ply in Charcoal for the whole thing. I knit my band on 3.5mm and the body I am using 4mm. 

Hand band done and body begun! (awesome stitch marker eh?!)
I did a Valentine's SWAP and it was a lot of fun, I sent my package to Sweden and received one from the US. It was funny because I had done a swap and sent to this person, and in this SWAP I was her recipient! I was a VERY lucky recipient too! The theme was a scavenger hunt, an item for each letter of the word TART that would suit our partner's tastes! Here's what she sent me:
Tree Frog stitch markers, gorgeous yarn, tasty tea, chocolate, magnets & a handmade washcloth!

I did the 30 Day Shred through February, and into March. I took a couple of days off because my foot was hurting me. I also have been running 2-3 times a week, doing the Learn to Run because I want to build up my cardio. I hate hiking and struggling to breathe!

I ordered Ripped In 30 and I plan to do that next, it's a bit different than the 30 Day Shred. You get a rest day & there are 4 cycles of routines, not just 3. So I was going to do that. Hopefully by the time I am done that AND running a bit more (right now we're only doing 2&1s) I will be ready to start the Insanity.

Also, I am trying to cut back/cut out wheat etc. It's hard because my fella is a crazy carb addict with the bread and pasta!! I am going to try to eat Paleo for a week or two and see how I feel! I have to research it a bit more & put together a meal plan...but I am looking forward to trying it.

All in all?! Disappointed. Not feeling any results, still unhappy with my fitness and my body. But I am going to make a Fitness Poster, with goals and rewards, and I am going to do this damn thing. Sick and tired of feeling unhappy about me!