Monday, October 7, 2013

I've always loved October!

Welcome to my month! October is a great month, back home in Canada it's becoming fall (autumn), everything is changing colours, it is gorgeous. Also, my sister & I have our birthdays, my cousin has a birthday, my good friend has his birthday. Even when we were young there were several kids whose birthday's were in October. (Pretty obvious what everyone was doing 9 months earlier when there was loads of snow on the ground!!!)

Here it's a little OPPOSITE - we're experiencing spring. Which of course has a beauty all it's own:

Fun flower that popped up in our front flower bed one day

Crazy flower that was on a bush next door to our jobsite

I love spring too, don't get me wrong, but I do miss the changing of seasons that I am used to in Beautiful BC. I am getting a lot of enjoyment from the photos my friends are posting! Instagram is a wonderful thing! The plants & flowers are springing up, but to me the weather feels more like "insta-summer" we're still having a few cooler days here & there, but we're also having 30 degree days. That is a summer day in my world! There are other things here that spring brings: lizards (I love), cockroaches, ants, and spiders:
Red back spider & egg sacs that I killed when we found them in the yard

Other things that have happened so far this month is that we've been working near Bondi Beach and have had lunch there a few times. Always interesting! I got a flat iron, so I straightened my hair one day for kicks. We had a BBQ and watch the NRL Grand Final - it was a great game and the team we wanted to win was Champion. We also started planning a garden...a bit late, but we'll see how we go!

Flat hair!
Upcoming is a birthday party (not for me), I'm hoping to find a pumpkin to carve & get all Halloween-y on these Aussie's!

I finished the PartyingIt UP and Getting Down Socks by Megan Williams that the lovely Amy of the Stockinette Zombies Podcast gifted me. I am knit them in Friday Studios, Monday Base, The Orphans of Highbury colourway that I got in her Jane Austen club! Using 2.25mm (1US) knit picks 2 circs.

Socks done - I knot where these are going to live!!

I completed the Big Button Hat by Amy Duvendack which I knit out of Crystal Palace Yarns Chunky Mochi that I have had in stash for ages. I used 6.5mm Knit Picks Harmony Interchangeable needles. Not sure where this is going to live - but it's very soft & squishy!

Fun toque - might keep it, might give it away if someone shows an interest!

I pulled out some yarn that I've been wanting to use for a traditional 3ply! It's 100% BFL in the American Copper colourway by Fibernymph Dyeworks. It was my first time spinning Lisa's fibre & it was lovely. I spun it all and plied it all on my Trindle. I did find the 3ply a bit challenging out of my pop case lazy kate  - but I got it done and I like it quite a bit!
100% BFL, 3ply, approx. 206 yards

I am still working on my first sweater - I got gauge perfectly, but I think it's a bit off at this point. It has a bit more positive ease than I would like, but I'll make sure to wear something underneath (I won't be needing this for MONTHS anyway!) It is the Lapis Yoke by Hannah Fettig using SMC Northern Worsted 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool in Grape. The needles are 5mm (8US) 5.5mm (9US). I have actually finished the body and am moving onto the sleeves. I hope to finish by the end of October!!

Trying it on during the decreases...

I also started some new socks. So many projects I want to knit with's October! Theses are Halloween themed! It had to happen! I started the On Your Toes Socks by Ann Budd because I wanted to try ribbed socks. I wasn't crazy about the toe, and the measurements seemed strange, so I am kinda doing my own thing - but using her 2X2 rib. I am knitting these out of Knitter's Nightmare Batty Sock in the Demon Barber colourway (which is Sweeney Todd inspired!) LOVE! So you see - I had to cast on!

Demon Barber Ribbed Socks!

I also just started spinning my Spunky Eclectic - 100% Targhee in the Gold Digger Colourway that I won in a Nimblestix giveaway. It was such a massive bump of fibre I really wanted it to be a thick and luscious yarn too. I was hoping to do a thicker single, but it's not coming out as thick as I wanted, so I am going to 2ply it. It's very similar to Polwarth and should plump up a bit when soaked, so we will see! It's fun, I feel like Rumpelstiltskin - I am literally spinning gold.

100% Targhee deliciousness!
Still working on my Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang using left overs! The needles are 2.75mm (2US) and I am doing 44sts. I finished up the socks, and found a mini skein, so I have to add those. I sent off some mini skeins for a SWAP, but am waiting to be sent some. I haven't worked on this since this photo... but I do have 2 more squares to do!

Still awesome, even with no love!
New Stuff?! Yep.

My lovely friends over at Wolfe Farms have been having a rough time as their sweet little Chihuahua Fuji has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. As usual knitters are amazing, many people have come together with help - bags, stitch markers, yarn, all being made with proceeds going to help the family with the costs of treatment. I wanted to show Dawn my support and so I made a little order. 

Fuji pin, a fun sock blocker keychain & some lip balm!

I also purchased from Knitter's Nightmare because Sadie & Dawn were putting together a kit for Fuji. Yarn, a pattern & a candle. Now this helps out TWO of my friends, and I've been dying to get my fingers on some of Sadie's stuff, so I may have gotten an extra couple of things (gotta make the postage worth it!)

Fuji Kit, 2 self striping sock yarns (one I cast on already) and some FIBRE!

Still kinda been sucking at this.

I did start the Zombie's 5km - its a lot different than the Learn to Run's I have done in the past. That being said, it is fun to have music in my ear & someone talking to me occasionally. It's bloody hard to run now that it's gotten so warm I struggle so much. However, it is made worse by the fact that I'm out of shape again!

My plan is to do 3 days of running and 3 days of Insanity. I messed up the first week of October because of rain, heat, and being lazy. BOO URNS - however, it is the time for NO EXCUSES! I want my birthday gift to myself to get back into this. Be happy with my fitness & my body!

No other big plans in this area. Might go try out the gym and see how it feels. George goes in the evenings & it might be easier to workout in the gym during the summer. However, it's bloody expensive and I have to GO there. So, I might just stick to what I've been doing.