Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another weekend in the country

So it's been awhile because it's been pretty quiet - a lot of horse stuff. Helping out with the horse chores & Mary & I went riding Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Each ride about 2 hours. Also on Sunday we went to a horse show & then to the Newark County Fair, where there was horse jumping, side saddle events, a western event, jousting, etc etc. It was all fun, didn't do too much else. On Monday we went to Gainsborough. Mary had her hair done & I wandered about. Looking for English looking items for gifts, neat architecture & WOOL! And could I find a yarn shop?!?! NO!! I'm in bloody freezing wet England & haven't been able to find a wool shop to get some yarn for a new project. Yowza! So that is at the top of my list for the next time I'm in Lincoln or any other large centre!


I am thisclose to getting wheels. I have a car I can drive, I'm just trying to get the insurance figured out for it. So cross your fingers, as having wheels will let me see so much more of the countryside on my own without having to ask favours of my hosts!


Plans are underway with Keith to travel to Ireland, all that is left is to make the exact date plans. So once that is figured I will pass on that info. Very excited for Ireland!


So - much horse time. My bum was sore on Sunday - but by Monday I was OK. Guess Erik is right, you just get used to it. But very excited to get home & ride his horses & see how that feels in comparison! I got to canter for the first time. That was scary & exciting, and once I got the saddle on straight it was pretty exhilarating! Man, horses are powerful creatures.


I got fudge at the fair. Yes, the new chocolate that I have been finding here is a bit of a downfall of mine. However, no - I am not 300 lbs & am not planning on becoming any such thing. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon. (I pray! or the willpower will have to kick in!)


My big plans:

-get car insured & start driving!

-get yarn & needles so that I can start a new project. Maybe socks! yikes!


-more postcards to more people ;)


So stay tuned. Sorry if I don't write often enough, or enough info for 'some' people (ehem, mother. Jenny.) But sometimes I feel like not a whole ton goes on in a week & I don't want to bore everyone with my thoughts & ideas instead of cold hard factiods! :)