Monday, May 25, 2009


Saturday was a GLORIOUS day! All sunshine & warmth. Hardly any breeze at all. I headed out to one of the fields after breakfast & wrote in my journal. Then I read some of it & by the time I came back to the house it was nearly 3pm! Crazy! And...wait for it...I GOT A SUNBURN! On my forarms & my shins! Can you believe it?! I got sunburnt in England! That's ACE! Then we had lunch & hummed & hawed about going riding or walking. We eventually decided on a ride. So Mary & I saddled up the horses & headed out. Gracie was plodding along as usual, falling behind & I would prod her on. We got just over 1/3 of the way & started to trot. Then they started to canter, but my footing wasn't feeling right so I pulled back on the reins. But Gracie was in a mood. She didn't listen, she sped up to pass Spitfire, which was so strange!! She always stays behind him & I usually have to encourage her to go faster. I was still pulling on the reins, but neglected to yell 'woah'.  Spitfire spooked as Grace came up alongside & then Grace spooked bigtime & leaped to the right. I bailed to the left. Landed on the small of my back & slid about a foot.


I'm fine. I just feel about 100 years old. LOL Last night I was a bit swollen, but today that seems to be gone. Just feel like old bones, bending & leaning & sitting is rough. haha So there's another experience - I hope never to repeat!!! So that ended our lovely day, we didn't end up going for a walk after that. I did ride back though. Thought it would be quicker than leading her back. And now Mary is calling Grace 'Dangermouse'.


Today we went out to the Lancaster Air Museum. Saw a Lancaster called 'Just Jane' fired up & taxi down the runway, saw a Spitfire on the ground & flying about. Also a Dakota on the ground. Wandered through some of the buildings & saw lots of info about the different planes & pieces of the planes. There was a swing dance demonstration. The weather was definitely not as nice today, but it was a very informative day! They even had a raffle to let people ride in the Lancaster for the taxi.


And that was the rest of my weekend!