Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Bank Holiday Weekend

Hiya!! Jenny - simmer, it's only May 4th!

So this last week I ate Haggis - and liked it! Had a chat with my ma on the phone. Got my mobile sorted, I now have a number & am able to send & receive international texts - thanks to Alisha for that bit of expertise!!! The week went well, there were a mixture of days, some sunny, some rainy. But it does always seem to be pretty breezy in this Lincolnshire area. I haven't done anymore driving as yet. But have been to the surrounding villages for food runs with Mary. Saxilby & Gainsborough...

This weekend was a long weekend. A Bank Holiday weekend. Friday we went to a Farm Auction in Market Rasen - lots of old stuff. Lots of rusty stuff :) Pretty neat, I know my dad would have gone home with loads of stuff haha After that I went for a walk with Benji while Mary rode Grace alongside me.

Saturday I got up & helped Mary a bit by cleaning up the horse poop from the fields, and then we picked Ragwort from the fields so that the horses don't get sick. After that we all went to a Game/Country Fair in Market Rasen (happenin' place!). It was fun! Lots of stalls selling all manner of things. Food, candy, military/hunting stuff, toys, ferrets, dog stuff, etc etc. There were helcopter rides & in the middle of the area there were falconry shows & a jousting tourney. All for fun & entertainment of course, but it was fun. Too bad it was a cold & overcast day haha, but I'm learning to expect it! Definitely MUST spend some time in Greece, Spain, Croatia!!! To get some sun before I head home :D

Sunday - Did some washing, hung it on the line - then a bird pooped on it!! hahaha FUN Tonight we saw a deer in the field behind the house. Which is the first time in the year that they have been here. Went out for a ride today on Grace, while Mary walked alongside. Which made for a very slow lazy horse. But the English saddle wasn't as weird as I thought it would be! It was odd to wear a helmet! Felt like I was riding a bike or something! hahaha

Still haven't found time to get Tony to show me how to ride a bike - but hopefully soon :) Wishing desperately that I had a bike licence & could rip around the countryside on a motorbike!!!

One more day of weekend! And so far it's a pretty cold, dreary, rainy one. But I think that's about all I've been up to this week -

Oh - Ben & Jerry's Phish Food - if you can find it - EAT IT! Yum!!!!!