Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I had a birthday. I turned 29. I am not worried about how much closer I am to 30 -- I don't feel any doom & gloom about it. I feel no different, so as far as I am concerned age is just a number...I'll get back to at 30 to see if I still feel the same ;)

For my birthday my sister & I went to a Mega Knitting class hosted by Lynne at Fibre Arts Bootcamp BC - This is the same place that we went to learn to spin about a month ago. This time with 4 other knitters my sister & I chose some gorgeous yarn & used gorgeous handmade 1" needles to knit up a super quick project -- a pillow cover!

It seems that every time I am at this farm it is a great time. Tea, lovely lunch, wonderful people!! This was truly my first day knitting amongst other fibre enthusiasts and I loved it. I keep saying I need to join a knitting group and never seem to find the time. Well geez!!! I am going to make the time!

I do want to add some ribbon - there are touches of teal in the yarn & I want to add teal ribbon to bring it out. It could have been a little bigger so that now so much of the white was I'm not sure if I am going to frog it & do that - or just use ribbon.

When sister & I got home from the knitting day my man was making dinner & it was great! We had dinner & watched some scary movies. I did a bit of Christmas gift knitting...and then went to bed. I felt a bit of a cold coming on & was trying to keep it away. They are calling for snow any day now so winter is close!

Life other than knitting? Well I am knitting alot -- no plans for any trips in the really near future. Still planning on Australia soon, but within Canada I am not sure what we are going to get to now that the snow will be flying!

My blog is messed up. The columns are not working properly - so I need to work on that. Will see if I can get it fixed!! Cross your fingers!