Friday, October 14, 2011


Friday was work as normal in Vernon, and after work we made the trek to White Lake. It's a much shorter journey now, only an hour from Vernon, about 1h45m from our new place. Not much to report on the travels -- construction still going on in Armstrong & Enderby!

This Thanksgiving mum was out of town, she was at her parents place helping them with a few things around the house & yard to get ready for a Northern winter. Here in the Shuswap we decided to surprise mum by finishing off the upstairs! Back in April we renovated the living & kitchen & laundry area. Took all the old stippled ceilings & made them smooth. Repainted everything, and removed the old mahogany trim & replaced it with white trim. Mum also got a whole new kitchen & appliances. The surprise?? The 2 bedrooms upstairs had yet to be touched, and we thought we would tackle those!

We arrived at around 6:30. Ready to work! Of course since we came straight from work we had brought pizza (thank you Little Caesar for your Hot & Ready) we had dinner & got straight to work. Dad had scraped the ceiling in the master bedroom, and when we arrived Spyros put a coat of mud over the whole thing. I went out to the shop to start prepping the closet doors (also mahogany -- just getting painted white). That was the first effort for the project. To bed early - much work to do!

Saturday morning was breakfast & Spyros got to work on another coat of mud while I primed the doors & the walls. Once the walls were dry dad put up all the new trim so that we could prep it. By the evening we had a coat of primer on the ceiling! We went to spend some time visiting a friend that night. While visiting I took the opportunity to work on my second sock!

Sunday was Thanksgiving we awoke & got to work. Two coats of paint on the ceiling, Turkey in the oven by 1pm. Sister arrived around 2:30 and got to work on all the other foodstuffs. Got 2 coats of paint on the main walls by the time we went to bed. Yes, that's right -- even after turkey & the fixins...we managed to do some more work!

Monday we got up & put 2 coats of paint on the feature wall and 2 coats on all the trim. Done!! Vacuumed & washed the floors & moved all the furniture back in...then we got The Brother to help us disassemble his room. Pack all his stuff up, rip all the existing trim & closet apart. We sanded down the doors, scraped the ceiling, put a coat of mud on the ceiling and left it to dry overnight.

Tuesday...regular day for dad & brother. Work & school respectively. So Spyros & I were into town to pick up a few supplies, and then back at the ceiling with another coat of mud. Then primed the doors and the put up trim once the walls were dry. While drying I took some time to start this blog & watch a TV show while I worked on my sock! Then it was time to sand & prime the ceiling & prep all the trim. Then more dry time...yes, this is our lives...2-3 times we have to do the same thing & wait for it to dry each time. Yawn! Turkey, turkey & more turkey, it was great for quick & easy sustenance in between painting coats! Did some knitting on my sock while the cat sat in my lap! It still makes me laugh when cats really do play with my yarn - frustrates me, but makes me laugh too.

Wednesday we finished everything but the damn red wall. Terrible red. Not a bad colour - but a clear base that we used an entire gallon on the one wall & still it's picture framing!! OI! Otherwise though, good day - finished everything else in the room.

Thursday morning up & at 'em. Red wall DONE. Baseboard DONE. Floors vacuumed & washed. Most things moved back into the room. Cleaned up the place so that mum wasn't tipped off when she drove up to the house, and we came home!!!!

Friday afternoon -- finally received the call from mum. She's home. She loves it. It's all worth it! <3