Thursday, October 20, 2011

Socktoberfest 2011

Heck ya I did it! I completed my socks -- both of 'em finally! I am pretty stoked! Gotta get some photos up of the completed pair. In the end I did end up frogging the toe on the first sock because it was bugging me. lol

Not much new here, been spending most of my free time trying to get the socks done. I definitely am not the biggest fan on Fingering Weight yarn. It takes me an awfully long time to finish a couple of socks! For now I am done & it's time to start the Christmas presents! 

It's nearly my birthday, and my sister & I are only 2yrs & 1 day apart. So for our bdays this year we are going to a Mega Knitting class. Gonna make something cool with some homespun and some 1 inch needles!! It's at a wonderful farm, we were there not too long ago learning to spin with a drop spindle. It's called Llama's in the Raw: - lovely people, adorable llamas and fascinating yarn!

Otherwise?! Trying to get some work around the area. I sent off my passport today for renewal! Once it's back I can finish my visa application for Australia! I'm excited, we gotta get on this so that we don't end up with me in Canada & Spyros in Australia!!

Ok-- gotta go & do some holiday knitting!!!