Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another amazing Fibres West experience

What's been going on here?! Well it's been raining a fair bit. However, it has not stopped me from keeping up with the exercise regime...yay!

I have been knitting plenty...and watching Being Erica on Netflix while I knit. I know a lot of podcasters are really obsessing over Downton Abbey, I just haven't given it a try as yet.

 I needed a different size of needle the other day, to begin 2 separate cowls. I went to Once Upon a Sheep and chatted for quite awhile. I purchased a demp/starter Knitpicks Options kit. It had two 24" cables and 3 sizes of tips. 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm in the 3 materials (acrylic, birch laminated, and nickle plated). I purchased the appropriate size cable as well. When I got home and took out the acrylic (the size tip I needed), and my cable I was losing my mind over how flexible the cable is!! The join is smooth... so far it's LOVE! I am very excited to learn Magic Loop on these suckers!

My biggest excitement was over Fibres West. I went on Friday, and am always a  bit sad to wander around by myself, but was not nearly as overwhelmed as last year. It seemed smaller, but that may have been the fact that I was not overwhelmed! There was plenty of fibrey goodness. Spinning implements, yarn, roving, untreated wool waiting for the hardworking to take home to wash, comb, card, spin...I did a lap, and then several more. I found myself wanting to purchase from people who were making eye contact and chatting a bit with me. I found myself wanting to purchase EVERYTHING!! However, I left the house with $150.00 and that was all I was able to spend on my day. 

I knew I wanted sock yarn, and I knew I wanted roving. So I bought from the following vendors:

Everything Old - I purchased sock yarn & a braid of SW Merino/Silk
Kattikloo - I purchased sock yarn
Valley Yarn - I purchased Malabrigio sock yarn
Smith and Ewe - I purchased a braid of BFL
Pollika  - I purchased undyed sock yarn to try dyeing!

I also bought a WPI tool since I plan to be spindling!! There was SO much more I wanted to purchase. Then I was thinking I should leave, or risk losing self control and heading for the ATM, but I wanted to stick around for the drawing of the door prize basket. I was standing there in shock when they announced MY NUMBER!!! I seriously don't know that I have ever won anything, so I was ecstatic, but shocked. My prize? More fibre, a Namaste Bitty Bag, a skein of art yarn, a scarf, 3 weaving magazines, a bottle of Soak, and a flower vase from the pottery vendor at the show.

Here is what I purchased and what I won!
My stash enhancement!

My prize basket
 Other news? I received my SWAP package! Yay!! Here's what my Swapee sent to me:

Earwarmer, towels, notepad & lights!
I completed my slippers...

I completed Burberry Inspired Cowl by Julianne Smith using Three Irish Girls Springvale DK in Geneva.

I completed a The Duketer by Jenny Wiebe using Katia Azteca 7816

My current WIP is Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Irwyn

Nada - but soon that will change!!
I am doing 6 days a week. 
Learning to run Tues/Thurs/Sat. I just finished Week 2 of Learn to Run, next week will be running 2min, walking 1min. 
Strength training Mon/Wed/Fri. It's going well. Sometimes I really don't feel like doing anything, but am determined to get back to a place I am happy, so I am doing it!
I have been tracking, and have been losing weight and starting to feel a bit better about things, starting to see some changes. Still not fitting the clothes I want to fit though!
I have sorted through my Ravelry queue and have big plans for upcoming projects!! Cowls, Monsters, Socks, Wraps, Shawls..still knitting from my stash, and I am excited now that things have plans!

Definitely hoping to get to Knit Night on Tuesday, but do have two friends who will be in town, so I am not positive it will happen.

Hopefully soon we will be swamped with work and won't be having as much time for knitting, but that does remain to be seen!

I sent the email to the Dept. of Immigration to let them know that we had moved. Got back a form email saying "We have passed this on to the appropriate people. Have a nice life."

Well this was LONG! Sorry about that!