Monday, March 5, 2012

M is for March, Moving and Merino!

I know one of these days I will get some type of a schedule happening here! But I truly don't know that I am interesting enough or have enough going on to even do this weekly!! I am not traveling much right now, and I am a monogamous knitter for the most part, so it's not like there is a lot to tell about that either!!


I am feeling pretty normal now. Scars seem quite tiny and I will use vitamin E to minimize. Moving was difficult because every time I moved I was told to "sit down", "don't lift that", etc. Which was frustrating, I am a doer, and even a bit of a control freak when it comes to packing my things. I have moved quite a bit in my life, and really have only had help twice...the help stresses me out far more than the packing itself or the moving. I worry things are not getting packed correctly, that things might be missed, or that another person's things will get packed with mine (when I have a roomie). Of course it was OK, there were a couple of things forgotten, but since it was my sister, it will be alright. 

The drive from the Interior of BC to the Lower Mainland was uneventful. We took the Fraser Canyon route because we didn't want to deal with Coquihalla weather. It was sunny and a nice drive. When we arrived we had help unpacking (since no one wanted me to help, that was especially nice for my man & my dad!).

We are lucky, a very good friend of mine has parents here with a suite in their basement. This way we get super decent rent AND no lease to worry about, so when we get the OK from the Visa we will be able to head off right away. It's nice not to have that worry.

Looking for some work. It's raining alot...but that is the norm here. At least there is no hill that we are unable to get up!!!! Have been able to reconnect with friends & family again already, which is always nice.Vehicle insurance came due, and have to deal with aircare too because we are in a much more populated area. Hopefully will get that all sorted tomorrow.

I am all caught up on the podcasts that I have been watching. Two have a couple of KALs that I am interested in doing for April - but will see if that happens. I am meant to be knitting from stash & neither of the KAL's go along with the yarns I currently have! BOO! (hahaha) FYI - I want to do the "Stephen West KAL" that Knitabulls is doing, and the "Sock KAL" that Knitting in Circles is doing!


My swapee has received her mitts!! The pattern is free on Ravelry and is called the Cupcake Mittlets . I used SMC Extra Soft Merino in Ruby. So here are a couple of photos (I love these AND have more of this yarn...might have to do another pair):

The cupcake mittlets together

The mitt on a hand (my hand!)

Also - I have started the thrummed slippers! In fact I am probably about two thirds done. This is a kit I received from my mum on my last birthday, she got it at a market from a local (to her) company called Tocino Alpacas

It's knit in the flat in pieces. Sole, Upper, Sole, Upper, sew Soles to Uppers. I am about half way through my second Upper and then just have to sew all the bits together. Putting in all the thrums does take a bit longer, but it's not as challenging as I was worried it might be. Here is what I have:
The sole with the thrums showing side on...

The upper with all of the thrums hanging out...

No change!

Now that I am healed I can start exercising. I have been tracking, but now I am ready to get moving. So I am going to continue with the Spark People plan, and up the cardio from just walks to Learn to Run...I have a print-out of the program and have started it before. I am going to try to do it on my own, but I am also thinking of going to the Running Room if I am having motivation troubles. 
Now that I am back in the Lower Mainland I am going to look for a new SNB to attend. Also, as I am in town and not in the bush I hope to attend regularly!

Fibres West is coming March 16th and 17th. I went last year but was just starting to get serious about knitting so I bought two skeins of yarn and haven't knit from either. I am excited to attend and to meet up with other Rav lovers and am hoping to buy:
1) a skein of sock yarn
2) a braid of fibre to spin with
3) perhaps enough yarn to make a sweater type of project

I am hoping to next use the DK that I got in my first SWAP, and also one of the yarns I got from Fibres West last year...not entirely sure which projects I will be doing though!

We traveled several hundred kilometres to get to the coast! But nothing else planned yet. Talks of going back to visit my parents, going up North to visit friends and possibly work, and going to Vancouver Island to visit friends have all been had. Hopefully some of these ideas will come to fruition! 
Visa - nada. However, I now need to update them as we have relocated!

Well that was lengthy...but I think I am done. I am so obsessed! I just need to improve and learn more skills!!!