Monday, March 26, 2012

I love Spring, but not allergies!

What have I been up to?! 

My good friend was in town last week, so Sunday evening after my last post, was dinner with her family, Tuesday was a pub night and Friday we went out for Thai at a new place in town, Smile Thai - there were 4 of us and the consensus was that we all loved it!

Also, we have a bit of work happening. A friend needed to drywall his garage, so Spyros & I went to help with that last Saturday (Mar. 24th). It was fun, but our bodies have certainly gotten used to lying about the house. It felt good to use muscles that haven't been used in some time! It was fun to spend a day with friends too. My dad was in town, and as it was Saturday he didn't have to work, so he dropped by and helped out a bit too. He's of the generation of men who literally have no "couch potato" in their makeup! 

Sunday we went to brunch with my dad & sister, she was in town as well for a birthday.  After lunch I tried to go to my LYS, but it was closed! (I thought it was closed Mondays, turns out it is both Sunday & Monday) After that we drove out to the dykes for a jog. My dad met us there and after our jog we went for another hour long walk with him.

Needless to say, my body saw a lot more activity last weekend than it is used to - but it felt awesome to be feeling muscles, even if they were sore it was nice to know they are there!

Today is Monday, March 26th, and we began a job for a friend today. Repainting their townhouse. Made a good start on it and probably have another 3 days or so. These last few days I have been getting out of bed at normal hours and getting tired by 10pm. This is also a welcome change!!!

Green Honey Cowl

I also completed my version of the Munchkin Hat by Jeannie Kubricht in Sirdar Crofter DK in 0042
Long Tailed Baby Girl Hat

I currently have nothing on the needles!! Not for lack of wanting, but because the next few projects I want to begin I do not have the correct needle size for, and my LYS has been closed when I have been free!

Oh so much loveliness! 

I wound the single from my drop spindle onto something so that I can ply it. I then started spinning the Ashford Corriedale that I won at Fibres West...only a teensy bit as I was showing a friend how I drop spindle.

The lifestyle change continues!! I made it through 2 and 1s, and will be starting 3 and 1s tomorrow!! 
My Friday weigh-in was a no-change weigh-in, but that is better than going back UP! I know that my activity level will skyrocket without me even having to think about it if I start working more, and I look forward to the auto work-outs on top of my planned/specific work-outs!

Nada on Visa.
Soon will be heading up to the Interior for Easter with the family - on that same trip will also be getting some working in, as a friend of mine has a family friend that wants us to do some painting! WIN WIN!

Thanks for reading! Have a super week!