Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Is April half over already!?  Where does the time go!

Last week was pretty quiet. I tried to knit a lot, I did my runs...we watched a fair bit of hockey, and I know, our boys just cannot seem to get the puck in the opposing net. It's been a rough week. I discovered a new podcast: Knit Me Happy and she is adorable.

This Tuesday (yesterday) I went to Knit Night at my LYS Once Upon A Sheep! YAY! It was awesome, except that I forgot my pattern. Being as it was the heel flap in my socks, and I haven't DONE that, I needed the pattern. So I didn't knit much. However, I brought my spindle. Also, two of the ladies there are spinners - one had her wheel! So I was in heaven. Fibre samples were passed around & I was thrilled to see other women cuddling & sniffing & being fibre crazy. No one in my life understands me in this respect, so it felt good to be amongst friends. Needless to say I am sad it took so long & I will be back next week!!

That's about all I got up to though, not too much to tell! 

1. I am still working on my second pair of socks, two at a time on two circs using the pattern: Harvest Dew by Rose Hiver Designs in  Kattikloo Plumage Handpaint Warbler for the Knitting in Circles April Sock KAL...I am just starting the heel flap. I don't know if I will get done in time, but man, they do look cool!
About 1/3 through the leg...
2. Still working on the Lily Pond Scarf by Maggie Magali in Malabrigo Sock Yarn - Caribeno (held double) for my cousin! Actually picked it up last night and knit a couple of repeats!
The skein looked Purple & Teal..but it's a bit more blue & green...

I did some spindling!!

I am working on the free roving that I got in my basket from Fibres West. It is Ashford Wheels & Looms Corriedale Stripey Sliver it is 4 colours, pink, purple, chocolate and baby blue. It's coming out OK. The Corriedale is...sticky!? I think I am getting a more consistent diameter of yarn, but it's not coming super easy. I could probably have done this thicker, but I find it harder to get consistency with it being thicker. So I am doing it thin and planning to Navajo ply. I need to spend more time on spindling, but I still enjoy it!
It's coming along!

Last week we did 6&1s. I did 5.22km in 38min! I have been better about my strength training days, and yet my weigh in Friday was just THE SAME. Urgh.
This week is 8&1s. That's right...this gal with the crappy cardio has to jog for 8 minutes in a row. That may seem like no big thing to a lot of people, but for me - impossible! However, I did it! 5.22km in 37min! Tomorrow is Day 2 of the 8&1s. But I survived Day 1 and did not think I would, so I am happy!

No word on Australia...