Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a bit of a blurb...

As a Canadian the Hockey Playoffs have been rather big in our lives...sadly the Canucks were out in Round 1 after just 5 games. Also, Ottawa is out too after this afternoon. There is still hockey, but no one in particular we are cheering for!   

Other than that, this past week has been OK. Last week I did all the 8&1s, and was pretty proud! Unfortunately, this week I haven't done any running. The weather was crappy, we have been working (and that really changes around our "non-working" schedule!), and I have been feeling a bit disheartened. I have been watching what I eat & exercising 6 days a week, and still not losing. A bit frustrating, but I will get back at it! This weekend we have big plans for exercise.

Last weekend on Friday night we went to the movies with some friends. Haven't done that in ages, we saw American Reunion and it was pretty freakin' funny. American Pie was within a couple of years of when we all graduated and so we are within the same age group as the characters. I thought it stayed pretty true to the characters and feel of the original, and the soundtrack was sweet! It was a good double date!

Then we went into Vancouver on Saturday, I went to Make It! with a friend. My man spent the day with her man doing guy stuff, and we gals spent the day checking out crafty things! I purchased a little something for my SWAP partner. Yes, I am in another SWAP on Ravelry - this one for Yarn & Buttons. I saw this & couldn't resist! After that we went and walked Main St and then went a yarn shop to see if I could find some yarn for this same SWAP partner. On our way another friend called and she and her son met up with us on our journey. We found Three Bags Full and lucky us, they had a basket of toys for the little guy to play with! That helped as I wandered the shop looking for the "just the right yarn" for my partner. I found some! Also, the shop was adorable, and the women very helpful! Plenty of selection, lots of local & Canadian products -- one of which is what I purchased!! Then coffee, and we met up with the men, had dinner, a bit of was a great day and evening with friends!

This past Tuesday I did not attend the Knit Night, I hung out with another friend instead and ate Dairy Queen, watched Glee & New Girl! It was fun, and I did get a bit of knitting done.

I finished my socks! In time for the KAL, yay! They do fit, and I kinda super love them! Now I am back to one project on the needles...and now that I have had three, I am finding myself a bit bored with just one. I HAVE STARTITIS!! What the heck!?! Everyone else gets in in January, and here I am in April and now looking at everything in my stash & my queue and I just want to cast on, cast on, cast on! I am NOT, because I may not have much self control when it comes to food, but in most everything else I have very good self control. hahaha. Soooo ~ socks:

My feet are 6.5/7, although I have been told they look large in this photo!
Don't you LOVE them!? I love them!

I didn't think I had much news, or much to say, however I do seem to be awfully good at the rambling!!

Later Gators!