Monday, May 14, 2012

Hiking in the sun....

Hello all!
Since May 4th I have been doing a challenge on SparkPeople that I am working out 7 days a week. So I have found time for knitting in the evenings, but haven't found time for too much else.
Last week we went to dinner with my cousin & his lady for her birthday. Gastown Old Spaghetti Factory. Food was good, service a bit disorganized. Time with family - awesome! 
My dad was in town all week, so Tuesday he wanted to come over & go for sushi!! (No Knit Night for me that night!) Went for sushi & to Staples...he bought mum an Ipad for her Mother's Day/Birthday gift! ooohh lala! Other than those two dinners we worked all week. Running every other day, 10&1s (3 in a row). So the average was about 4.88km in 37min (with the 3min warm up & cool down).
This past weekend on Saturday Spyros & I went up to Harrison with our pals. Got there in time for lunch, had some foods. We were planning on a hike, but ended up wandering the boardwalk & playing a bit with the volleyball at the beach. We knocked it around for awhile, and then the guys were trying to teach us how to juggle it (like a soccer ball). I am the only one of the four of us that is very white. So they got tans in the beautiful sun & I got a bit of a sunburn. Aloe is my friend. Honest, I am a sunscreen-a-holic but I thought we would be hiking in the trees, and had only applied it to my face. Ooops!

Here's a couple photos from the day:
On the beach taking a break from the volleyball (can't see the sunburn yet!)

The fellas went up ahead on a path to see what they could see...

Sunday Spyros & I went to Hayward Lake to do the loop. It's a 17km loop all the way around, 10 on one side & 6 on the other. We started on the 6km side, and it was closed at the point where you cross the lake to the other side. We did a few side trails to see what there was to see...but it ended up being a 2h40m hike that covered 13.59km. So it felt good.

Here are some photos:
Some run off heading down to the lake

The two of us walking along the path

Another area where there was a lot of run of coming down the mountain
I finished the Lily Pond Scarf by Maggie Magali in Malabrigo Sock Yarn - Caribeno (held double) for my cousin! I even shipped it off to her with a dishcloth!
Hope she likes it!
 I have been knitting up washcloths like a crazy person...doing them for the May KAL with
Knitabulls but I will just post photos of all of them when I am completely done. It's been good though - using up all the cotton yarn in my stash!
Stash!?! Yes - I just received my SWAP today & OMG I got spoiled! Check it out:
A pattern, hemp/cotton yarn, tea, 1oz roving, a lovely postcard note & loads of beautiful buttons!
Did a little non-knitting crafting. My sister, brother & I each made a stepping stone from Michael's and I just finished it. It's drying - so when it's completed I will post a photo!
As I mentioned I have been still running the 10&1s. I have been doing strength training 6 days a week. I have been working every day as well. I am feeling good most days. Went hiking and had a fairly active weekend so we didn't run at all. However, my weigh-ins have not been reflective of my working out!

My friend & I signed up for our first 5km on May 27th. I am a bit nervous & a bit excited. I don't think that I am going to be someone who regularly does these races, but it will be a good challenge for now!
I phoned Immigration today as it has been over 5 months now. Basically, keep waiting. This is very frustrating as we are nearing the time to begin looking at flights for Spyros, however, it is government so we continue to wait!

Hope this had plenty of info for the non-knitters!!