Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So much crafty time!

Hello again!

Last week was a lot of working. We did not do the long weekend thing, we worked Friday & we worked a half day yesterday.
I slacked off a lot with the exercise. Ran Monday and then did nothing until Sunday when we did another hike. A smaller hike, but a hike, with a couple of friends. This time the hike was in the rain...but it was still fun, no hot sun, but it was muggy.

My mum had a birthday! However, she & my dad went to Montana to watch my nephew graduate, so we were unable to celebrate with her. She had some fun though & was thrilled with the Ipad from my dad.   

Saturday was a FIBRE day for me! We ran a couple of errands, I tracked down from Hemp yarn to do my mums washcloths (yes I am still working on those!!) I am on the last cloth & will post the photos next post!

A friend was in town & I got a bit of a visit in with her & her man. Brief as she has been working like crazy to finish up her Masters. It was good though! Next weekend will be crazy as a friend is coming to stay with us for the weekend, and another couple of friends is going to be moving into their new home, and the 5k!
I am on the last of the washcloths ... I was doing them for the May KAL with
Knitabulls and have used up all of my cotton, and I purchased 2 skeins of hemp to use for specific projects! I will post photos of all of them when I am completely done.(Next post!)
I am also spindling up the fibre that my swap partner sent me. I am not sure what it is, but it's spinning really thin! It's only 1oz so it will go quickly, but I thought I would take the opportunity to spindle it before I took on the BFL. (Plus I may have taken advantage of the Knit Me Happy podcast discount and purchased a gorgeous, gorgeous, spindle from Spinatude and wanted to give it time to get to me!).

The other things I accomplished???

I plied up all the yarn I made from the batts of miscellaneous sheep wool I received from Lynne @ Fibre Arts Bootcamp during my drop spindling class. Also, the fibre I won at Fibres West - Ashford Correidale. I Navajo Plied them & washed & "thwacked" it.The FAB very thick & thin & very slubby - and I broke it into 2 sections. The Correidale was more consistent, but after the Navajo still came out Super Bulky.

#1 - 2.2oz and I got 44 yards

#2 - 2.5oz and I got 38 yards

#3 - 3.5oz and I got 70 yards

ALSO - I had purchased some sock yarn at Fibres West from Pollika and I finally dyed it. I wanted to do something easy that I didn't have to purchase a bunch of new dishes, so I bought 2 packets of Grape Koolaid, and 2 packets of Blue Raspberry Lemonade Koolaid. I scoured the internet & tried the easiest method...in the microwave. I just did half the skein one colour & the other half the other...here's what I got:

After drying...

I am pretty happy with it! There are a billion other things I want to try now, but they will have to wait. Now I am not sure whether this is going to be socks or a shawl though!!!

Lastly, my non-fibre related crafting, the stepping stone for my momma! It turned out pretty good...I have a couple of issues, but it's concrete, so it's done now! hahaha Here you go:

Lazy last week. Hiked Sunday. Ran yesterday, and will be running tonight. Still doing the 5k - this weekend! Yikes! Yesterday we ran 5.83k so that was good!
I also plan to get back into doing strength training this week too. One week off was plenty, I need to keep this up!

Here's the my gal and I at the top of the Minnekhada Regional Park:
I heard back from Immigration. I received an email and it said "we need more proof of this...." so I found some documents and sent them. Now we wait! However, it does feel really good that we now have a case worker and someone to speak to directly!