Monday, August 6, 2012

Overtired & overjoyed

Sooooooooo...following a wonderful weekend on Vancouver Island where I got very little sleep, I proceeded to have a very busy week with very little sleep because the guy I am working for was away & I was kinda organizing things for him while he was away. With painting this means figuring out who is where & what they will be doing, also going to & fro to his place to get specific tools, ladders, and cleaning dirty gear each night. I was so looking forward to a mellow weekend, maybe a night at the Drive-In, and I was going to paint my friend's bedroom for her while she was away as a bday gift.

Well, my cousin & his ladylove have recently purchased a home! This weekend was their move-in weekend. So Friday night after work I ran back to get a spray machine & headed to my cousin's new place. The ceilings were very discoloured so we were going to get some paint on them before everything got moved in....Saturday morning. The prep was the most time consuming, as we were NOT painting walls. Needless to say, there were a few frustrations, a few time killers, a spray gun that overheated, and we ended up being done at 3am. Yep. I had woken up for work at 5:45am.

This was the ceiling process...


Saturday morning I got up at around 9:40...didn't set my alarm, figured I would wake when it happened and then go to help them out. They were moving from the city to a suburb, and my suburb is further east than the one they bought in, so I met them at the new place. I began putting up light fixtures & cleaning up the floors so that items could be put where they needed to be. I cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets etc. while they ran back to the city for another load. I helped unpack the next truck & then headed into the city to visit some other friends.

These friends & I caught up, and then went to a local pub for a drink & some further chit chat. We headed home & watched a movie, I crashed out on the couch at 1am.

Sunday I woke up & read an eBook on my phone until my hosts were up & at 'em. We had a lovely brekky & then I headed home...I still had to paint my friends birthday bedroom!!! It was was going a pale yellow. It took four coats. So I was there until 11pm..came home, showered & read a bit - finished Hunger Games...I really enjoyed it, and now cannot wait for the second book! I wasn't sure because the premise is a bit ICK, Big Brother & Roman Gladiators meet...but I liked it, very likeable characters. Big cliffhanger at the end!

Going mellow yellow!
 This morning I woke up a bit later & went over to finish the job. I came home to clean my own house, catch up on dishes & laundry & try to relax a bit!!!

Tomorrow the boss is back, and I am looking forward to sending my brain on vacation!

I have done ZERO knitting or spindling since the island, I have also not seen any podcasts in a couple of weeks...see above ;-)

I have been working & sweating a lot!! LOL



So now begins the plans to get there! I think that I am going to be working for another couple of weeks - then go up to see my family for a couple of weeks...and then head over to Australia around Sept. 5th or so!

Lots of little things to look after between now & then! But travel is imminent & the Visa is sorted...such a good feeling!