Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time flies....

Two weeks?! How does this keep happening to me?! I always mean to write, and then I don't. Too much going on all the time. Still working a lot. For the last month I have been working pretty much 6 days a week, 8+ hours a day, and on Sundays I clean the house & do laundry so that I have work clothes for the week ahead! On top of the I have friends to squeeze in when I can, dinner to make & clean up, a body to wash & a man to Skype with in Australia.
I haven't been getting a lot of knitting time. I haven't been getting a lot of down time! I had a buttload of movies queued up on Netflix & no time to watch them. 

I started Hunger Games. Literally just started, about 4 pages in. So we will see how that goes.

I am still peeling from the ridiculous, falling asleep sunburn. Oi! 

The last couple weeks my dad was in town during the weekdays for work. So we did dinner on Tuesdays. Visited with an uncle & his lady that live locally & also headed over to the US for an evening to visit with my sister's & their families! All across the board they were good times, good visits & fun with daddy-o. Wish mum had been there too, but she was at home tending the acreage, pooch & the kiddo.

This past weekend - 28th/29th - I went to the island. Vancouver Island. My friend & I were meant to go on Friday evening after work...but van troubles destroyed my evening. My van overheated twice before I realized that my fan belt had come off. Lucky me another friend (a friendship forged from our Mechanics days in highschool) was available to help me out! We spent a few hours in a mall parking lot removing the old belt & replacing it with a new one. I was able to get home incident free after that - but it was after 10pm.

Saturday morning at I got up early & by 6:30am my friend & I were on the road to the ferry. On the ferry we ate brekky & I knit a bit. The weekend was fantastic. I got to see where she & her man are living, we hiked Mount Finlayson, we went out to her friend's place (cabin at a lake) and we had a BBQ, some drinks, good conversation, a boat ride, and a bagpipe serenade!! So AWESOME!!! Also, we went to a place called Capital Iron and it was SO awesome! We spent around half an hour there & could probably have spent all day. I want to go back to Victoria just to go there!! We went to East Sooke Regional Park and wandered along the Coast Trail. It was pretty gorgeous...a few hours in we headed back to the car & then went into town to an Oyster bar for some yummies & then to wander the pier in front of the Parliament buildings to check out the buskers & the items for sale! Here are some photos:

Much of the terrain up Mt. Finlayson

Char & a lovely Arbutus on Mt. Finlayson

The lake at sunset from the cabin...

The ocean from the trail at Sooke Regional

More from Sooke Regional
This weekend looks like it's going to be another crazy one...much painting for friends & family, helping family move into a new home & hopefully a little resting on Monday!?!

I finished my spinning!!! 100% BFL from Smith & Ewe. I got about 478 yards of a 2ply, light fingering weight. I am SO FREAKING PROUD!!!!! Someday it will be a shawl...

My knitting is the same stuff, still in progress:
Adaptation Shawl

Yvaine Shawl
I haven't been so good at the bridge/plank a day. Been so tired & busy. But I have been working & hiking when I can & doing the bridge & plank when I remember ;-)
I spoke to my case worker the day after she returned from her holidays. However, it was just touching base. I will call again tomorrow to see if she has gotten any further on my application!