Thursday, August 16, 2012

August is flying by!

Work work work, all day long!

I worked a lot again...probably up until Tuesday - that will be my last day. Then a few days for packing & visiting & then I will be headed for White Lake to visit with my family for a couple of weeks before I head to Australia!

This past week has been gorgeous, more lake weather than painting though!! The paint is drying on the brush & we are just dripping with sweat & red faced. Yep - sexy!

I did find time to finish the second book in the Hunger Games series, and I watched the movie! Hmmm. Loved the second book, wasn't sure where it was even going to go & thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie was good - but there were definitely some things I thought key to the movie that I didn't think they should have left out, also some things from the 2nd book slipped into the movie!! I didn't like the fellow they cast as Peeta. Well, I liked him, I've liked his other stuff, but he doesn't bare any resemblance to the way he is described in the I didn't like that.

One of the houses we painted the fascia at had these lovely stargazer lilies:

Love these!!
Coming up: a friend from Toronto - one of the Canadian ladies I spent so much wonderful time with in Europe - is coming out West to visit & I am looking forward to seeing her this coming week!
Made some progress on the Adaptation Shawl for grandma I am a couple of yards short of being done the first gigantic ball - one more to go! Soon I shall have loads of time for knitting & it will go quickly -- I finally memorized the pattern & that helps A LOT!
There have been 3 running dates made this week & then broken because of crazy heat & traffic. Boo. So I suck!
Sept. 25th I head off to my parents. Can't wait to spend some time in the lake!!! This heat has had me dreaming of days spent in White Lake, soon it will be a reality! YAY! Also, many plans to visit friends & have friends visit while I am there saying my last goodbyes. There is also a plan to head up to Prince George for the long weekend to see my grandparents & extended family there as well. This will be nice!
I purchased my ticket for Australia! Sept. 11th, that's right - I am not superstitious, and enough people are that flights tend to be cheaper on that day! Yay for me!!! So there is not too much more time yet before I leave the country for the next couple of years!