Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi!

So - I have arrived. In fact, I arrived on Sept. 13th, right on time. After 3 flights, all of which were fairly pleasant, uneventful & I had great seatmates!

I arrived at around 7:30am and Spyros & his brother came to meet me. Went went back to the house to drop off my things & the brother and see the family. We headed out to the job site to see how it was going. I was pretty shocked to see it in person!
As we were not dressed for painting we went for a wander. We walked from Taylor Square down to Darling Harbour, and then across to Circular Quay and back to Taylor Square. It was a bit of a trek around the city, and by the time we got back it was home time.
The building when I arrived - wrapped in scaffolding

The building once we were done!

The following day Spyros went to work, and I stayed home. I slept in a bit & then I began organizing his bedroom so that I have room to fit in it. We are pretty accustomed by this time, of having our own suite to ourselves. Fitting into a bedroom is strange!

On Saturday I went to work and we worked through the weekend and the next week and kept very busy trying to run a few errands here or there when we had a moment.

So far we have worked. We have been to the beach. We have had a family BBQ & watched a Bulldogs (Rugby League) Semi-Final game (the final is tonight!). We have spent some time with Jerry (the friend who was with Spyros in Europe when I met him). We have done a bit of shopping (the malls are much larger here than in Vancouver - they make Metrotown look small). We have eaten out a lot. We have watched a lot of Greek television. We have skyped with the Canadian family. We have been to look at rental units, what you get for your $ is much different here! We have been grocery shopping & peppers & tomatoes...very expensive here!
Spyros & I at the beach - La perouse in Botany Bay

I got a new phone! So here's hoping it doesn't freeze & cause issues like it's predecessor did! I miss Netflix already. I haven't driven yet. I have done two haircuts since I arrived. I have a bank account. I have sent away for a Tax File #. I have signed up for Medicare.

Every morning at around 5:20am the birds start going crazy. Magpies, Cockatoos & whatever else is out there start winding each other up & it's a great cacophony of birds so loud & strange I think it sounds like monkeys! So we haven't been sleeping in much. It's been chilly. Very windy, and it warms up in the afternoons & is sunny, but it's still spring, so the wind is cold.

Noisy bugger!
I will try to write more regularly - I was very tired with our long days of no stopping, and trying to organize things when we are here. Someday we will be in our own space and that will help too! It is nice to be with my fella again!

I completed my Adaptation Shawl for grandma  and she loved it - YAY!
Grandma says she's looking forward to it for winter!
I also completed my Yvaine  before I left the country & left that to my mum's neighbour and a pressie! However, I had literally blocked it and ran out the door with my things to go fly away, and didn't get any finished photos or measurements! Mum says she will get some for me!

Before I left I also began working on Crabby Anastasia Socks for my mum! I had gotten to the turning of the heel on the first sock before I left so that I could verify that the sizing was going to work! I made a fair amount of progress on the flights over here & finished the first sock shortly after arriving! I am about half way to the heel of the second sock now.  
Taken on the plane - once the pattern was going around the leg!
I only have these socks & these needles. Once done I will need more & everything is being shipped from Canada and is still awhile off. However, I have some plans to stalk some yarn shops, and a certain Hiya Hiya Interchangeable set is calling my name!


 As we are between jobs for the moment & were apart for 2.5months & then started working once we were together again -- we have plans to go to Melbourne for a few days or up towards Queensland. Nothing concrete yet, but definitely plans to get out & spend some alone time! There's a lot of Australia for Spyros to see!