Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like....SUMMER!

Not a lot to say since last I wrote as I have been working a lot, and when not working we have been working our tails off in the yard & garage. Work to make a "granny flat" (in-law suite) in the garage space. There has been some things in the yard getting dug out & sorted into recycling & garbage piles, and sorting through the stuff in the garage for the same reasons. A full week of that got us a bit further ahead,
we are hoping to be pouring a concrete pad soon that will be the new home for Spyros' dads shed. Once that is up we can relocate all "keeping" items to the shed & begin work on the garage in earnest! We are excited, as living alone is what we are accustomed to!

Nothing else new here, I got my Tax File #, my medicare card & am up & running. Still working with Spyros. I have driven a couple of times, very short local trips -- even parallel parked LOL 

GREAT news - my pal Robyn is here!! When Spyros & I met on Contiki there were, of course, a buttload of other people on our bus. Mostly Aussie & Kiwi, some Canadians, Americans & one South African! I kept in touch with a couple of the Aussies (obvious ones notwithstanding), and a couple of the Canadian ladies that I spent most of my time with on the trip. Spyros & I met & fell in love on the trip...however, Robyn met & kept in touch with another fellow from the tour & they began their relationship after the fact. He's a New Zealander, but is now working & living in Sydney, and Robyn just arrived to work & live here too! We met up last weekend & had dinner & got all caught up. Hopefully there will be more of the same on a regular basis!

Also, summer is around the corner, this week I have worn a sweater (jumper) to work & within the hour I have taken it off because it's getting so warm. Yesterday was 32 degrees, soon it'll be shorts & hitting the beach after work! ;-D

I have been doing some online shopping for knitting related items as I have so little here! I bought some yarn, fibre & a drop spindle from Etsy. My first Etsy purchases & I am turbo excited! What did I purchase?!

  • A cute project bag from ThePloverbird ... my first handmade bag, I have been using re-usable shopping bags from Shoppers & LuLuLemon.
  • An incredible looking batt from yarnandfibre that I cannot wait to get on my new...
  • Drop Spindle from SillySalmonDesigns which is gorgeous...
I am very excited, and have a million other things and vendors I want to purchase from on Etsy...but I really do need to knit from my stash first & hopefully it will be here in a couple of weeks!!

Um...I also purchased the Hiya Hiyas that I was loving, and needing (re: only 2 sizes of needles here right now!!) So I found them online at Stranded In Oz and they weren't the cheapest, but I thought I would get them a lot sooner than if I purchased them from a US or Canadian website. Of course I would also love other interchangeable sets, but everyone on Rav & Plurk have been RAVING about I am doin' it!

I also went to Lincraft and found some yarn that I can make work with the needles I currently have available to me! It was cheap & decent colours & should sustain me as I await my purchases & my stash!

I completed my Crabby Anastasia Socks for my mum! 

First Socks that Rock experience for the WIN!
I also completed the Ruffle Scarf by Lincraft using Lincraft Elicia yarn, which is novelty yarn specifically made for the ruffled scarves. It's been on my list to try to make one, and it was much more simple than I thought from the little I have seen of the scarves in progress. I had more than enough to make one, so I made an adult sized one & a child sized one. Neither has been gifted yet, however, I do know who I will be gifting each to!

Ruffles enough?!
I began a pair of fingerless gloves last night. I am not far along yet - but I am making Spatterdash Wristwarmers by Dagmar Mora I think they will be super cute. Not sure yet if these will be mine or a gift...will see!

Not much to look at yet!

I have been
terrible. However, I did purchase (wow I have done more "purchasing" in my month here than in my last 2 years in Canada!!) Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I haven't started it yet, but plan to quick smart. I have been eating badly & only being physical while at work. So that needs to change! Stay tuned...

I also am very much liking Fitknitchick blog - she is a personal trainer, exercise & healthy living enthusiast living & working in the Lower Mainland. I discovered her while I was still in Maple Ridge, and love her especially because she is doing things I seem to lack the "willpower" to stick with exercise & food-wise AND because she KNITS! YAY!!!! So, loving Tamara so, I read the blog, I note & occasionally try out the meal ideas (this will happen more once we are on our own) and I want to check out her YouTube channel & do her workouts! Our internet kinda mega sucks when it comes to I am trying to get that figured out first. Waiting 20 minutes for a 20 minute episode of something to buffer is ri-donc-u-lous!

Melbourne - this weekend...plans are being made!!!