Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the nick of time...

Time flies. It seemed like forever until I was going to be leaving for Australia, and now it seems it's coming too fast for all of the things I want to get done & all of the people I want to see before I leave! I know 2 years is a blip on the radar of life, and I know it will go quickly, but it also seems a long time when packing up to head off for it!
Before I was leaving the coast I found time to read the third Hunger Games book, to visit with a friend from the Contiki Tour in 2009, as she was on her Western Canada road trip (dinner & conversation -- lots to catch up on!), to sell all the items I wanted to sell, to say goodbye to some friends & to paint our suite for our landlords.
I had help my last evening in Maple Ridge, I got everything done that I wanted to get done, and I had my cousin, his lovely lady & my friend all come over, supplying food & muscle for the last push! THANK YOU GUYS!!!
Saturday morning was a schmozzle as the trailer fiasco was a continued event. Dang Uhaul. In Canada & specifically BC I feel strongly that we need more options in trailer rentals & vehicle insurance!! However it all worked out, we just left a bit later than we had wanted to, but it was all good, my friend & I in her car (as she was coming for the ride & some fun at the lake to say goodbye) and dad in the truck with the trailer.
Me & Jenny *roadtrip*
Beautiful flowers at mum's house! *Nicotiania*
Arrived in the Shuswap to lovely weather, spent Sunday in the lake, canoeing, kayaking & swimming. A few more friends showed & and spent some time at play in the lake. My girlfriend left for home as she had to working Monday morning, but it was super to have those last couple of days with her. The fellas took me out to dinner to say goodbye & they were off to see some more of BC.
Beautiful White Lake
Us gals watching the fellas on the kayaks
The sunset we had for goodbye dinner
Since then there has been plenty of organizing, packing, laundry, family time, food & knitting...Not much going out and seeing people away from my parents place, but have been keeping busy nonetheless.

Also - the White Water Rafting trip that we planned in June & were unable to go on because of flooding finally happened & everyone had a blast!

Spahats Falls in Wells Gray Park

Just us goofballs pre-rafting
The whole fam-dam-ily on the raft
On the viewpoint checking out some Class 5 rapids
Getting into the white water!
I have cut & coloured my mum & my brother's hair. I also cut my dad's & our neighbours. A good friend from Fort St. John was in Kelowna visiting her sister & family, so I made the trek over there to see them as it has been far too long & I couldn't pass up the opportunity!
Getting some highlights

Growing it out & leaving it curly!
I completed the Adaptation Shawl for grandma and I was just in the nick of time as we head that way on Thursday! It is blocking now & I will give it a measure & some other photos once it's dry.
Blocking on a queen size bed - it's a BIG one!
Now I am trying to finish up the Yvaine and then I can start on mum's socks!

Meh!! I need to make time. Schedule this in and make it a priority again!
The drive to the Shuswap from the coast was uneventful & on Thursday mum & I are heading to Prince George to visit the family & see some friends. We get back on Monday Sept. 10th in the afternoon & then I am off on the 11th to Sydney! I won't get to Sydney for 24hrs or so, but it sure is getting closer!!!

Spyros has been working a lot this last couple weeks & I know he's planning to put me to work right away, but if there is nothing pressing following this job (this BIG PINK JOB - there will be photos, trust me!) I think we are hoping to get away for a bit, a weekend or a week or something. We haven't taken a holiday since our week of hurried travel around the island together, and for all of our flying around the world, we have not yet been on a plane together!

That's about it for now methinks...tomorrow I am off to visit some friends & the bank etc etc.