Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something, and a couple of someone's that I believe in...

We went to Melbourne!! More about that later - right now I just wanted to share this:

Last year, about this time, my sister & I went to a "Learn to Spin" class put on my Fibre Arts Bootcamp (FAB) for our birthday gifts to one another. That day I met a couple of lifelong friends & learned to love fibre in a whole new way!!

My first spindling - fibre & spindle from FAB!!

David & Lynne are amazing people who have been rescuing llama's since 2005, when they first acquired TomBurke, here is an excerpt from their Llamas in the Raw website:

"Our love affair with Llamas began in 2005 after learning of the sorry plight of a large ‘unruly’ male.  He is now a delightful character commanding his own herd, which has since expanded to 14 and includes several more rescued animals.  They supply the fibre and we supply the food and health care."

Recently they lost TomBurke after a lengthy battle with a chronic bone infection in his jaw. They also have in the last several months taken on several more animals as boarders, because they were no longer wanted, or because their owners were no longer able to care for them...their dreams to have a Llama/Camelid sanctuary & EcoVillage have been moved up a bit as the cost of the extra animals is no small thing.

I have been waiting for the day I saw a "Donation" link on their website, and I saw it today! It is on the homepage on the Llamas in the Raw page!

What else can I tell you about my friends?! I believe in their vision & hope to be able to help out as their vision becomes reality. I have met & wandered around with the llamas and even got to meet & participate in the naming of a baby only a few days old! In addition to the care of the llamas, they also work with the fibre, cleaning, combing, dyeing, spinning, knitting, crocheting. David makes many fibre tools, "mega-knitting needles", combs, spindles etc. that you can find to purchase on their website. Lynne offers classes to learn to drop spindle, knit, and dye. They have made several YouTube videos on many different fibre related topics. You can find them on the web at:

Fibre Arts Bootcamp
Llamas in the Raw

Please, check them out, more about their story & their vision is on their websites; if you have it to give, please donate. If you live in the area & can volunteer time, please contact them to find out when & where they can use the help!

More about me later...