Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Someone was spoiled...

Hello everyone!!

Melbourne...my mister & I took a little trip to Melbourne! A little "get away from it all" time, after not having seen one another for 2.5 months I think we deserved it! So we got a hotel room, and we spent the few days we were there, wandering around. Spyros had never been before, and I had been with my girl Jenny ages (2001) ago!! So it was a bit different than I remembered,
we were, of course, in a much different area as well. Spent much time on trams, doing some shopping, checking out the stops along the "free" tram & "free" shuttle. The Markets, St. Kilda...it was nice! Here is a bit of it:

Our room!
The trams!
Waiting for a tram!


2nd Tallest residential building in Australia - The Eureka Tower
Melbourne was fun! The flight back was a bit of drama, our flight was canceled, we had to take a much later flight, weird separate terminal, had crying child to our left & kicking child right behind me! Once home, it was back to work!

In other news....it was my birthday on the 29th. I became the BIG 
Meh...age is just a number, I am not bothered by that number, however, it coincided nicely with the arrival of a few things I had purchased online! I also purchased some yarn in Melbourne because there are far more yarn stores there AND one was closing its doors & had some great sales! I got to hang out with my pal Robyn again the day before my birthday -- alas, we forgot to take photos again as we were gabbing too much! Also, I received a package from my mum ON the 29th! How good was her planning?! Pretty much everything was yarn related, so will go below - however, my mister got me an ice cream cake! My favourite & I thought I wouldn't get another until we got back to Canada....I was wrong! Yay! Also, the brother in-law brought me flowers, and the sister in-law brought me a handpainted jewelry box that has a tree frog on it that's just like the tattoo on my ankle! Spoiled! Oh. Wait. Also -- Diane from Knitabulls gifted me a pattern on Ravelry!! TOO SWEET!!! 
Me...on my 30th Bday..

My Ice Cream Cake (this was the only candle in the house!)
Almost done the first glove of the Spatterdash Wristwarmers I will finish it tonight & start on the second! However, at the moment I do not have updated photos. Since this is going to be a "photo heavy" post...I think it will wait until the next post!

I am about to start another project...a gift...so it won't be on here for a bit, but it is using some of my new stash from Melbourne!

Goodies Galore - here is what I have gotten lately:
Melbourne Goodies! Pink=Possum blend, Brown/middle=Banana leaf fibre!

Little Monkey's Stitch & Spin - for my ZuZu's Petals

My first project bag, how I want more now! ThePloverBird makes gorgeous bags!

Alpaca & Silk...gorgeous, don't know if I can do it justice -- from yarnandfibre and the spindle from SillySalmonDesigns

Hiya Hiya's SQUEE!!

I don't buy a lot very often, but I kind of had a bit of a splurge! I am very excited about all of it & Spyros' family is beginning to understand the depth of my fibre nerdiness, however, most everything is earmarked for a pattern in my queue & I have already begun spindling the fibre with my new spindle!!

I am terrible at this section! Can we just talk about how I am 30 again!? Really though, the internet has been tended to, and is much improved. Also, I have decided that November 1st is the start date for the 30 Day Shred...so that's how it's gonna play out! I need to start back at it. When I was Sparking & running I was feeling pretty good about things & myself, lately, not so much! So it's important!!!

Melbourne happened. Right now we are trying to concentrate on getting the Granny Flat done, but there is definitely some talk of other trips. Also, a tentative camping trip for November, so there may be more on this front soon!

***I would like to note two other things:
  1. Thank you for anyone who has viewed my page, or Knitabulls podcast, or WolfeFarms podcast  and stopped on by Llamas in the Raw to donate!
  2. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone on the East Coast of North America dealing with this tremendous weather! I hope everyone was well prepared & stays safe through it all!