Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is it mid-November already?!

Hello again!

So what happened after my 30th birthday??? Nothing! Life goes on. Halloween happened, which is supremely anti-climactic here in a country where it's not quite so celebrated. A few kiddies will get out & visit those that they know well. There's no trips to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins (in fact its rather difficult to find an orange pumpkin here, and they refer to all squash as pumpkin), getting dressed up, trick or treating. However, we had some squash last night, so I toasted the seeds & it was delish!

My mister's niece & nephew on Halloween
On the weekends we have been heading out on the town, meeting up with friends usually at least one night to have a drink or two, and catch up. We've been into Newtown, into Surrey & took a couple of friends to a Lebanese place in Bankstown. It's been fun! We made a plan to go for a hike this last weekend, but the shed work went longer than expected, so the plans were changed!

Other than our regular work painting, my mister has made some significant progress on our backyard project. I haven't really been helping, as he now has help in the form of family friend of his fathers. Some of you may know, these older fellas have a bit more traditional view of a woman's place - so I've been sticking inside with my knitting! 

Walls up at this stage - but now there is even a roof! I just haven't taken a photo yet!
I completed my Spatterdash Wristwarmers made from Lincraft baby grand 4ply yarn in a size Medium on my Knit Picks 2.25mm needles. They turned out fabulous, I love them, and have gotten nothing but wonderful compliments on them. I even know who they will be going to live with soon!

Lurve how these turned out!
I am making some serious progress on my other project, the Sadlers Wells which I am doing in the Average (60sts) size on my 3.75mm HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeables (which I am loving). I am using Pear Tree Supersoft 8ply in a beautiful aqua colour! These are a gift for someone, so I am trying to get these suckers done!

These are a bit longer at the mo' as well...but still a ways to go!
I have been doing a bit more spindling, the fibre came in 5 batts. I have done 1.3 batts or so. I am hoping to do half & then do the other half & then ply them together...

My queue is quite full and the next project I will be doing is the Zuzus Petals in Little Monkey's Stitch & Spin Melody which is beautiful & I am excited about!

I purchased a project bag from birdlegbags and it's beautiful!!! My Zuzus Petals yarn nested safely inside waiting for me to begin!

Love it, and the little notepad & tissue paper! CUTE!
Well, this time I am happy to report that on November 2nd I began the 30 Day Shred. I am now on Level 2, Day 3, so I am 13 days into the 30 Day program! Level 1 was ok, I felt pretty good. Level 2 is kicking my butt!! So I a bit scared of Level 3, but one day at a time! 
I don't have a scale right now, so I just did my measurements at the beginning and I will do them again at the end. Hopefully I will see some changes there, as those numbers are ultimately more important to me than my weight anyway!

ROAD TRIP! On the weekend of the 4th we did a family outing to Berry & Kiama. Previously, when my friend & I came to Sydney for a visit with my man, we drove all the way out to Kiama to see the Blow Hole. However, we had lunch and left, and completely forgot to check out the dang hole!!! So my mister's sister (haha) suggested we all check out the markets at Berry & wander around, then stop at Kiama on the way home. Saw some cool stuff at the markets, bought a couple of things, and added a couple of things to our wishlist for once the suite is completed. It was a cute little town, with some cute little shops (including a great fibre arts store with yarn, fabric, etc.), we are planning to head back at some point. After the day in Berry we did remember to stop & checkout the Blow Hole! It was pretty neat as well, for a calm day there was a fair amount of water shooting up!

Wandering around Berry

Checking out the Kiama Blow Hole
 I do believe that's all my new for now. Aside from some SKYPE love, as I have gotten to hang out with some of my closest friends & with my family, through Skype, since I have been here. Also - Tuesday's are RAP (Random Acts of Pattern) days, and so I sent out a couple to some Rav pals & I am feeling pretty happy about that! I received my first pattern gift on my Bday, as I mentioned last blog, and it made me quite smiley!

More soon!