Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day in Lincoln

So yesterday I spent the day in Lincoln, by myself! Tony & Mary dropped me off & I wandered along the waterfront. This lower area is all a University type of area, very nice, very busy on a Saturday! Ther was a street that was all shops & was packed with people. I wandered into a department store type of place & found some slippers! YAY! Then I checked out some mobile shops & went into a pharmacy because my allergies are acting up a bit. Wandered into the shops that looked interesting & slowly made my way further up the hill to the Lincoln Cathedrael. I zig zagged my way across town wandering down any street that looked interesting or any shops that looked interesting. I wasn't taking any pictures, felt strange being alone & taking pictures of every building that I thought looked neat. Especially since I think nearly every building is amazing!!!

So I ended up on this hilll, the street is called Steep Hill because it's a very steep street!! Lots of cool shops, this was a pretty usy area of town too. I followed it up & then saw a Castle. So I went over there & wandered around Lincoln Castle, William the Conqueror had it built in 1068!!! As castle life died down it was used as a court & prison for the last 900 years. I was able to go into the prison building & see the cells & they had projectors that showed scenes & told stories of what happened where. And I was able to see the prison chapel. There was a bath house, the Crown Court which is still active, a tower which was a last defence within the castle & where prisoners were buried - the gravestones are still there.  I was able to walk along the wall surrounding the castle & see all of Lincoln & the Cathedrael, which is just across the street. I spent over an hour wandering around & taking pictures.

When I left I was headed to the Cathedrael & got sidetracked by a post office. I sent off a postcard to mom & dad & to Crystal. I had to call Tony from a payphone to get their address, and I found many more shops along that street. I was due to meet Tony at 4 where he had dropped me off, so my stop at the Cathedrael was pretty short & I did not wander thru the whole place. Just peeked inside & then went on my way. Headed back to the shopping area & got a SIM for my mobile , but I am having a hard time sending international texts, so I have to find out if there is something that needs doing for that to be enabled.  I got a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone for my walk back & thought longingly of Marble Slab. Apparently I am addicted!

It was a great day. Felt thoroughly like a tourist, although it is a more lonely venture on your own. Taking pictures & not being in any, not having anyone to discuss the things you see. It's a different thing that is for sure! But I got some great pictures!!

Hopefully I will have the mobile issue sorted out soon. When we got back from Lincoln we started tidying. They only moved here less than a year ago, so there are still things in boxes & piles without a home. And since it's summer now Tony wants to use their pool. So we emptied the things out of the pool room & moved a bunch of boxes & things up into the attic. Made a bit more of a mess, as sorting through things always seems to do! But it was a good effort nonetheless!

Today is another lovely day. A bit breezy, but all sunshine & green. It still hasn't rained since I got here! I imagine that it will soon, everyone says this is not normal weather, but it's been nice for my first week in the country!

Still much to see & plan, but at least I have some more pictures for you to check out!!