Friday, April 24, 2009


Hello All!


So today I drove in England for the first time!!! Tony had to drop off a vehicle somewhere so I drove behind him in the van. It took me awhile to get the silly thing in reverse because it is a 6 speed. I thought I needed to push it down to get it into Reverse, but it was as easy as a little slidey bit. :) And then the drive. It's Miles per hour here, so everything is a little faster. Kinda like driving in the US. But on top of that the first part of my journey was a little rough, getting used to a new shift pattern & shifting with my wrong hand!!! But I got that down after a few tries! Good thing that the first road I was on wasn't a really busy road. LOL Once I had the shifting down, it was just like I was 16. The far side of my vehicle was so foreign to me, and it was hard for me to realize where it was, and judge distance. I spent A LOT of time checking my mirrors making sure I was in the middle of the lines, or, since half of England is skinny bloody goat trails, making sure I wasn't on the grass verge! (shoulder). When a car would be coming my direction I was a bit nervous...but it was about a 25min drive & everyone survived. No dings or scratches, no mishaps, and now I'm not as nervous. Of course I would be more comfortable driving a smaller vehicle on these itty bitty roads! But I did it! I'm pretty stoked about that, seems silly to people who have driven all over. But the driving on the other side of the road thing, that wasn't hard at all - that part didn't worry me & I had no problem remembering which side to be on!


Tonight we had Chinese take-out. And tomorrow I am headed to Lincoln for some lovely pictures & sightseeing. I also hope to get my mobile up & working. Will keep you updated!