Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LaZy DaYz

Ah mom, you're so funny, I don't really DO enough to validate a day by day blog! And when I am that busy I likely won't have time! LOL


So it's been sunny..since I got here! Which is great! There is so much wildlife out here at Tony & Mary's! Rabbits running wild, wood pigeons (which are apparently good eating!) pheasants (gorgeous colours!), TONS & TONS of song birds, which wake me up around 5am every day. I wonder if I would ever get used to them??? The two horses - Grace & Spitfire. Benji the cute yorkie. Squirrels, bugs :) The rest are fairly usual.


I have had fish & chips, yorkshire pudding, a meat pie (which was tuna because Mary is a veg - she only eats fish), a scotch egg ( a boiled egg, wrapped in sausage *& breaded), and I think that's about it for typical English cusine so far!


So the incident with the fence was Tony's friend (who rides bikes all the time) went to drive his bike (motorcycle) which has a sidecar - while Tony was in the sidecar - and it pulled sideways because of the sidecar & went through the fence. Apparently she was ok. But the fence was a mess. I was inside so I didn't see it happen.


I met a friend of Tony's & he was asking me what I want to see & do. Was telling me about sites in London & I mentioned The Globe (Shakespeare's theatre) and he called up his pal who runs it, and I'm to call him when I get into London & get a behind the scenes tour!! So exciting!! People are GREAT!


Right now getting me a cell phone - or Mobile - and looking into wheels are the things on the To Do list. And getting a fleecy & slippers!


Hope this satisfies my parents! :)