Monday, April 13, 2009

It's nearly Go Time

So it's Monday night. I fly out VERY early Wednesday morning, so this is likely the last time I will be on a computer until I am in England. So let's hear it for lay overs & international flights!!! I'm quite prepared though. I have a book to read, a book to study Europe, my music on my MP3, ear plugs & an eye mask...the only thing I kinda wish I had was a PSP or a handheld gaming system of some kind. But I'll make it nevertheless.


I am starting to get pretty excited. It's definitely a different thing though, travelling without a buddy. No one to plan with, to get excited with, to discuss with...the excitement level, the reasons for excitement, and the reasons for trepidation are all very different when you're going it alone. And no - I'm not worried about travelling alone. I am more worried about getting comfortable somewhere & not moving on, not seeing as much of Europe, or as many countries as I might with someone pushing me along. Or someone who was planning more than flying by the seat of one's pants as I am wont to do.


I have touched base with many friends before I left. Although it has been a crazy time for the last month or so - always more crazy when a person has no wheels!!! hahaha And I am one of those person's. So there were definitely faces I was not able to see. But I will be back, and hopefully when that happens I will have stories! And until then I have this & email & Facebook. So I don't plan to be cut off even though I will be a hop, skip & a jump away.


So good night & good bye for now. Next time we meet I will have tales of airports & airplanes, and rainy England!