Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have arrived, and just barely!

Oh what a day. this point it's days really. I woke up at 2:40am on the 15th. I got ready & packed up & headed to the airport. I went to Salt Lake and got on another plane to Atlanta. I waited there for 4 hours, and since the flight was overbooked I made it by the skin of my teeth onto the plane!! I was sending up prayers of thanks thinking "it's meant to be!" And then I got to Manchester. I didn't really sleep on that flight. My seat mates made that nearly impossible. And then customs/immigration!! I always thought it was the worst in the US, but apparently Canadian women travelling alone with no particular plan are a major threat. They figured that I was going to be trying to stay here forever. So after having every bag searched & my planner & journal read...and have a few discussions about why I would come without a very specific plan, flying by the seat of my pants "at my age".  I was allowed into the country. I explained that if I run out of money earlier than my ticket is up then I am able to change the date & come back at that time. But none of it seemed to satisfy. I was feeling very stupid. Like I should have had more of a plan, since apparently going wherever you crave is not good enough. I'm expecting to hear a few "I told you so"'s.


Then I was picked up by my very gracious host & came through from Manchester to Lincoln. It's rainy...but it's beautiful rolling fields of green. And all the brick buildings & dry brick walls. I am tired , but looking forward to tomorrow. And whenever the next sunny day will be! For now, I'm happy to be here. Thankful to be with such generous people. And ready to start planning, as apparently that is an order!


I am safe. I am warm. And I'm already learning things about the English I did not know before!!


Talk to you soon!