Saturday, April 18, 2009

The first weekend

Howdy !


I say that quite a lot, and I'm trying to change that. While I'm here, when I say things like that everyone thinks I am American! LOL So I'm trying to sound more Canadian. I actually met a man that said to me, " I find it strange that you speak with an American accent" So I told him, well that's because I don't, and I assure you, if I was standing beside an American you would be able to hear the difference! So funny though. But I understand how it bothered Australians when we thought they sounded like Kiwi's! It doesn't upset me, I just think it's funny because I think, for the most part, our accents are quite different.


So yesterday I slept in a bit. And then I was up for porridge & tea. After that I got dressed & ready & I did some dishes & checked email & read for a bit while Tony was entertaining guests & Mary was sleeping. (She worked night shift). Then after the guests had gone Tony & I went out and put up a fence. It was a really easy one! Electric, so it was plastic posts  a rope with wire through it. And after that we fixed up a peice of the wooden fence where he & his guests had a little mishap on the motor bike earlier :) Then we had a cup of tea, visited the neighbours a bit, then we all went into town for some things for the horses. Then I watched some TV while cars were being washed & we had dinner! Or Tea as it's called here.


This morning I woke up early & one of the guys I met the other day, one of Tony's friends, had invited me to a 'Car boot sale' Kind of like a giant PNE/Garage sale type of thing. Everything you can imagine, old, new, used, antique, garbage lol. It was fun. Cold this morning, but the sun came out. I didn't get anything, but had I not been overseas there were things I would have bought! There were many items that made me think of specific people! After that we drove out to Lincoln & drove around the town so that I could see the cathedrael & I enjoy the buildings as well. The red brick & the victorian. Gorgeous! Especially on a sunny day! hahaha


I'm pretty cold if I'm just sitting around in the mornings or evenings, when the sun is not out it's awfully chilly. But once it's out I'm good to go! I think my crappy circulation is most unsuitable for this weather! LOL


Okay. I think that's about all I've been up to for the last couple of days!! Everyone keeps filling me with tea! And while I enjoy tea, my drink of choice is generally H2O :) So today I loaded up my water bottle & took that with me :)


Off for a walk with Mary & Benji (he's their cute little Yorkie)


Miss you all!!